Convocation of Decay (Legend) End Event - OP or Nah?

Assign a “value” to enemies and spawn a fixed amount of each value ; i.e. blightstormer and globadiers could be “A”, liches and assassins could be “B”, etc… and spawn no more than 2 As and 2 Bs per wave or at the same time ; or something like that

Obviously everything was downscaled and different in the details, but the concept is still the same. The point is that people usually still got destroyed if they attempted to hold the plate straight away, since they just got swarmed by slave rats that were far more dangerous than their present iteration while also getting nuked and skewered by guaranteed Skryre rats. However, that event had an easy fallback in the possibility of retreating from the plate, clearing the two big waves of slaves and guaranteed specials, and then resuming the event with far less threats. You can still do this in CoD as well, provided that all people bail from the plateau and clear the waves, but no progress is saved from the last sorcerer that popped and the waves resume with the same intensity once you’re back up. The concept isn’t bad at all in my opinion.

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You do realise legend and below is for casuals right? Cata exists now…

Okay, new suggestion. Just add Burblespue to the end and make it the final of Act I. Burblespue can only be damage while being in the circle and he can cast Blightstorms and teleport. Specials no longer spawn while the horde and elite spawning stays the same as now.

Meanwhile, add the demon summoning ritual to the old Halescourge map.

Now, we have a cool boss fight in a grim location with progression check being bound to CoD while the Halescourge map is still boring :yum:

Thank Sigmar, I already have the challenges done… :scream:

Which would totally be fine if a helmgart challenge didn’t ask our potato player to actually stand on the plate.

Honestly even now when it comes to CoD, I’m already dreading to do it on the new Elf Career if it comes out before some “fixes” to CoD. OE and GK took a bit to get done after grinding nothing but CoD all day on their launch days.

Hopefully at some point Fatshark’s willing to comment on the status of the end event and potentially “fix” the spawns.

Well, it’s called a challenge for a reason. Would be meaningless if everyone had an easy time doing it. :woman_shrugging:

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Except it’s nigh impossible to do because of aoe denial specials that players can’t fight.


Um, so anyone notice Convocation legend with Blightstormers then the next time you play they don’t spawn? Hence my post about specials not being the same each event. Very hard to complete when you can’t stay in the middle to progress.

I think that sums it up unless someone’s got another post with the “git gud” argument or “move then go back”. (gota look around people)


I’ve done it and I know plenty of people who’ve done it. It’s pretty difficult on cata but not impossible if you commit to it and you play to your strengths. On Legend in particular you can solo it. This and cata FoW are probably the only actual challenges in the game. Everything else is mostly trivial or just a grind.

Soloing means that the bots complete the event for you as players can’t leave the circle. As four players you can complete it only if zero gasrats and stormers attack from impossible to counter angles. It’s not so much a difficult challenge as one that’s poorly designed and imbalanced.

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Yeah you can get dunked on by gas rats or stormers and you need to save auto-aim abilities specifically for that, assuming they actually work properly and don’t veer for the slave rats behind you. But I don’t think challenges should be fair or easy in general. If anything, this one is way less absurd than Engi’s infamous 20 headshots streak with the mwp, which basically demands some swiss cheese strats or 3 people willing to play around you for it.

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Sigh, here we ago again with the “git gud”… The point is the end event for Convocation is broken compared to other maps. Not hard to figure out …


*Insert distant wilhelm scream *

Well, from my experience, when it comes to soloing Convocation of Decay with bots, everything depends on your ability to delete multiple Chaos Warriors or specials as soon as possible and bots’ ability to survive an overhead.
Right now there are too much stuff for bots to process correctly, and even a single gunner can send them into stupor or kill-special-and-ignore-everything-else mod regardless of game version. If you’re not familiar with it, bots tend to equip ranged weapon and either chase a special or freeze in one place (new 4.2 feature) and ignore everything else, including enemies in front of them. It doesn’t happen every time, but it does happen.
Characters with less armor piercing potential are going to have a lot of trouble in this event. Assuming, you’ve got your bots optimized, you will have much easier time as Grail Knight, Shade or even Bounty Hunter etc. by deleting armored threats and giving bots time to snipe stuff.
On the contrary, such characters as, for example, Ranger Veteran with dual hammers and a shotgun or Handmaiden with shield & spear and swiftbow will most likely have harder time to deal with Chaos Warriors quickly and keep bots alive. They are completely viable options for soloing with bots, but not for this event.
So, career/weapon restriction, put by Convocation of Decay, is kinda too big for Legend, compared to other maps. Stressful, unfair, irritating.
That’s about it, thank you.

I have the feeling that while the event is scripted, which specials you get are randomized. A lot of events are that way.

That is true.
This theory was agreed upon somewhere in those 650 replies.

There’s a pool of spawns that the map picks from for each wave iirc

Irrelevant to the conversation IMO.
You don’t attempt the challenge everytime you encounter Convo in QP ; you do it with a premade group.

I do agree that it should be difficult (and it is, standing in the puke pool is a huge handicap), but I also do feel that the overall RNG that dictates the success of the map also dictates the difficulty of the challenge. I’ve had Convo events where there were no specials or CWs and barely any SVs, and regretted we didn’t do the challenge then since it would’ve been a walk in the park.

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