Constant Crashing, now 'untrusted' after reinstall

The game is crashing so much it’s become unplayable, no changes to my software or hardware, all confirmed in working order. VT2 is spitting so many codes at me I’ve lost track, I just reinstalled the game fresh and was immediately given this page when I loaded into a map to test the game, being told I’m ‘untrusted’ after reinstalling the game is a first and I have no idea how to fix this after doing everything I can on my end to address it. This specific crash instance was loading into GoM with Merc but all maps across the spectrum have been causing crashes within 10-15 seconds.

Am at my wits end with the stability issues, there’s nothing else I can do anymore with this game it just runs appallingly. No overclocks on my system on CPU, RAM or GPU, no running multiple applications. Firmware, Bios, Drivers all updated. The problems persist across official, modded, DX11 and DX12 and the game is only ever run at super low settings despite using a 1080ti just as I prefer a higher refresh rate

console-2022-11-24-00.16.11-8ae4b379-5000-47d9-9ecf-9996dcf50a39.log (324.3 KB)

Platform: Steam

user_settings.config (80.6 KB)

Hi @ATastyBeverage,

Sorry to hear this!

It appears that your game installation has a corrupted bundle file. Usually we’d recommend to Verify Integrity of Game Files, or try a clean game reinstallation.

In cases where the errors continue after trying this, we consider it to be persistent data corruption - which can, unfortunately, occur for a number of reasons.

We have a list of potential solutions which we’ve created based on what’s worked for players in the past, here:

Though I appreciate you’ve mentioned trying many solutions already (possibly everything in this article). If this is the case, and you’ve exhausted everything here, then I’m happy to contact Steam and request a refund on your behalf (providing Vermintide 2 was originally purchased through Steam). Let me know if this is something you’d wish to do.