Persistent crashing and Untrusted by anticheat please help!

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Game Randomly crashes when playing, freezes and then kicks me from game. Chceked GPU drivers, Window memory trouble shooter, changed worker threads and graphics settings to lowest, disabled voice chat and changed priorities on nvidia control panel to maximum perfromance. Also validated files through steam, nothing helped. uninstalled + reinstalled game and now getting “untrusted by anti cheat” message when trying to join games so cant even tell if anything has fixed the crashing. The game runs fine on high graphics settings and nothing overheats when running.

Latest crash report here
console-2023-01-12-19.53.12-968302b5-a2e8-46a5-b7d6-47212e73f417.log (283.7 KB)


Player ID:
[Steam ID i eat stickers all the time dude]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[12/01/2023 20:00] [GMT]

Reproduction Rate:
Untrusted by anti cheat now 100% of the time
crashes / freezing 75% previously

Upload user_settings.config:

user_settings.config (6.8 KB)

tried the suggestion here for fixing problems with the anti cheat system
The certificates directory hasn’t been replaced by re running the installer and now the game gives a new untrusted by anticheat message and wont fully load up past the launcher…

Hi @dale

Sorry to hear this. What does the EAC untrusted error message say specifically?

We have a few solutions to untrusted error messages in this article:

Please give these a go if they are relevant :slight_smile:

re validating game files through steam fixed the issue with the missing EAC error, the EAC installer did nothing, so now able to join games.
Game still freezes and I drop out of most games, seemingly at random. If I host then other players drop and are replaced by bots, WiFi does not drop out during the freezes but it does seem like a connection type error.
crashlog of last game which froze and dropped:

console-2023-01-13-19.43.34-429de56f-1152-494d-a561-5696a6be101e.log (1.3 MB)

@dale, glad to hear the EAC error was resolved.

Are any specific errors displayed on-screen when you drop out of games?

I recommend running through our Connectivity error solutions here:

Just says migrating host, or if I am the host friends get a lost connection to host message and my game freezes for a couple of minutes, occasionally the connection is restored after the freeze but its 50/50 at best. When the game tries to migrate host when I drop its never managed to. Worked through all of the suggestions on the link above apart from contacting the ISP but that seems unlikely to make any difference, still having the same issues.

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

We’re currently looking into similar connectivity error reports (primarily SSL and Lost Connection to Host errors). We haven’t uncovered any issues our side yet, but this is still very much under investigation.

It’s a shot in the dark, but in case of a local data issue, you could try a clean re-installation:

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