Complete system freeze during gameplay

Coming back to V2 on a new computer and I experience a complete system freeze randomly while playing. It appears to be completely random as to when it occurs. I have updated drivers, ran memory checks, cleaned up any unnecessary tasks, reduced worker threads, and monitored cpu and gpu heat.
I have attached the last 6 console logs hoping someone can help me out.

console-2020-09-20-21.35.30-0d699005-798b-44bb-be78-2b1749ed46a4.log (882.0 KB)
console-2020-09-20-21.22.39-356c08af-4fdb-4881-a6cd-ebca2f90f60c.log (287.4 KB)
console-2020-09-20-21.00.26-cfadc648-9d53-4abc-96cf-ff405014b3ad.log (482.4 KB)
console-2020-09-20-19.37.24-2373d428-1f6e-4adf-ad71-2fc2e15d5b51.log (178.6 KB)
console-2020-09-20-19.17.19-1976f5ee-9afb-4c1b-a34b-b88eddd3db29.log (99.2 KB)
console-2020-09-20-07.04.32-a5719e7f-d8df-434f-bf97-9f393dfa2e9a.log (382.5 KB)

Your best bet would be to reach out to a local hardware expert for assistance, or to the vendor of the PC if it was purchased pre-built. It sounds like you’ve already tried most of what we would recommend in this situation, but there may be some other ideas here:

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