Regular crashing the whole PC

Hi guys,

i got the problem that the game crashes randomly during game. Also the whole PC crashes and needs to be restarted.

Does anyone knows why this occurrs?

Latest console-logs:
console-2020-03-05-19.04.53-4fb23736-3370-43a3-8966-89db2dfcd037.log (437.0 KB) console-2020-03-05-19.35.55-14717ee4-9076-4ebb-83e6-0e046439b940.log (341.3 KB)

crash_dump-2020-03-05-18.59.50-627ee865-b66d-4e36-aeaf-5c9cf5f7d808.dmp (624.1 KB)

thx in advance

If your PC is crashing, windows will create a log in the event viewer for you to look at. Open the event viewer and look for a critical error around the time of your crash and restart. It should have a code amongst other things that will tell you why windows shut down to protect itself.

In my experience, these kinds of issues are nearly always a heat problem. Your cpu is probably overheating.

Just to add to Smoker’s comment above, I’d recommend having a look at this article:

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