PC Crashing on startup/within 15 mins of playing

Hey there I contacted support and they couldn’t give much help.

basic info:

Just bought the game yesterday. My PC keeps crashing somewhere between 1 to 20mins after launching the game. I ran through all the steps here: [PC] How to Resolve PC Crashes, Loss of Responsiveness or Blue Screens (BSOD) – Fatshark
and could not solve the issue.

For clarification I tried: Verifying game files, clean GPU driver install, running the Windows File System Checker, Running Dx 11 instead of Dx 12, messing with graphics settings, etc… nothing has worked so far.

PC Specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor 3.70 GHz
16gb RAM
Windows 10 Home
Radeon RX 5500 XT

The event in Event Viewer says Event 41, Kernel-Power, Critical

Attached are console_logs, could not find any crash_dumps files

console-2021-01-16-04.47.01-3ec83213-5a06-42e4-9376-60e93203b3f4.log (64.1 KB) console-2021-01-16-22.04.16-ce681b42-7a50-48ec-8cda-a218a730668e.log (2.3 MB)

To confirm, did you try the BIOS update recommended in my last reply to you on the 28th of January? I ask as this has been successful for many players with this issue. :slight_smile:

I updated my chipset drivers and BIOS, looks like it’s working now (had 2hrs of play without issues). Thanks for the help

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