Crashed in game

Hi everybody,

I have my first problem :frowning:
My Pc:
-RTX3060, I5 10600kf, 32Go RAM, game on a SSD.

While playing the game is crashing for no reason, it’s completely random. Sometimes it takes 2minutes sometimes 20-25.
i did try :
Driver GC Ok, Intel Ok and others Ok
Run game as admin Ok
check perf Ok
Repair the game ok
disable firewall and antivirus ok
I dont know what to do, i tried everything.
Can u help me?

Hi @H4ckvick,

Please can you provide us with a crash report or console log so we can take a look? Thank you!

Sure i did it for an other post.
Here they are:
console-2022-12-03-16.06.26-a5e70bad-365a-4161-8a67-ade1bd558acf.log (93.5 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (971.2 KB)
user_settings.config (3.6 KB)

Thx waiting for your answer

Thanks @H4ckvick, unfortunately the crash is unclear in this log, as data within the log is cut off.

If you experience any other crashes, could you please provide additional crash reports or console logs for comparison? Hopefully one won’t be cut off and will contain information of more use :crossed_fingers:

Thank you in advance!

Hi again,

I tried it today and same problem
always the same msg : ““Setting ‘common’ constants with the same frame index several times per frame, this needs to be fixed!””
GUID: f882a16a-e3ad-43ed-b7af-307fb25a315b
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-12-06-19.32.05-2934cbf4-dc66-4fcd-8628-3b7420d8fcca.log (47.0 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (32.7 KB)

Thanks @H4ckvick, I’ve passed this on to the development team and we’ll investigate.

I tried today.
Still the same problem, i put threads to 4 and limits fps to 60 it seems better but game is still crashing for no reason little bit boring…

Give u logs, hope it ll help you

GUID: 0a123572-e0d0-4f1b-b347-fe2052ec714a
Log File:
Info Type:

darktide_launcher.log (257.0 KB)
user_settings.config (3.6 KB)
launcher.config (81 Bytes)
console-2022-12-07-18.40.26-fee3ddda-31d6-4fe5-9dc0-e95f7f6228d9.log (85.8 KB)

Thank you!

Can also confirm that Hotfix 1.0.14 really broke something since believe it or not, I never had a single crash until this new “Hotfix 1.0.14”. So it’s kinda comedic that the patch note is riddled with “Fixed a crash that / when xyz…”, but now my game crashes more than never before (straight to the Desktop). These crashes mainly happen when I’m already inside / during a mission, at least we have the option to reconnect, but still. I’m on Game Pass, but the Steam version owners reported the same as well. What I also noticed is that the load-in times to the maps, even though the game is on a NVMe M.2 SSD, has been significantly increased compared to pre-patch > post-patch of Hotfix 1.0.14

I’ll share the next crash log if I’ll have any.