Game crashing w/o error message

Game has been crashing on CW. Freezes then quits to desktop, during the video freeze sound is still audible.
console-2021-11-08-04.01.09-0faf2e4b-0744-44b0-bd03-62bbb1c984e2.log (1.5 MB)

Hi @chryzes,

I believe it could be a possible GPU-related issue. I recommend running through potential solutions here:

Also, do you have the latest Windows updates installed?

I have ran through the solutions in the article and nothing worked. Still crashing but there was a different error message.

console-2021-11-10-02.20.27-50ec2882-af6e-4fcb-8121-8e9c737d2a49.log (2.2 MB)

Hm, it seems you ran into a Deadlock crash which are a little notorious.

Could you try disabling any mods and see if the crashes persist?

Disabled all mods - game is still crashing. console-2021-11-10-19.42.27-d3ea4022-2800-43c7-9bab-3a8d04526588.log (3.6 MB)

No the crashes freeze entire desktop rather than just Vermintide. Have to force reboot. console-2021-11-11-01.00.50-524e47cc-ab08-4c65-9d29-bd555ef98ad4.log (959.8 KB)

The log points towards a GPU-related issue again unfortunately. As your entire PC is becoming unresponsive then it could suggest that the problem may run deeper on a system level.

Please try running through potential solutions here:

Past that, I can only really suggest to run through our GPU crash solutions again, and try our general ‘go to’ crash solutions also:

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