Co-op Game Recommendations for PC

Just curious what peoples tastes are. Some recommendations that I think are loosely similar enough to VT2 and Darktide (in gameplay or style or genre or aesthetic) all co-op though.


Carrier Command 2 (VR an option)
Deep Rock Galactic
GunFire Reborn
Killing Floor 2
Mindustry (not that similar but good)
Remnant from the ashes
Roboquest (almost out of EA)
Satisfactory (Not similar but great)
Starship troopers: Extermination
Death Horizon: Reloaded (VR only)
Voidtrain (mixed reviews right now though)
Silica (probably wait for it to leave EA)
Eresys (Mixed reviews but in EA)
Tactical Assault VR (in EA)
Sons of the forest (In EA)
Marauders (in EA)
Lost fleet (mixed reviews but in EA)
V Rising (apparently PVe is viable, in EA)
Starship Evo (in EA)
Space engineers

Looking forward to (assuming reviews are good):

Hell Divers 2
Remnant 2
Sins of a solar empire 2 (RTS I know)
Abyssus (maybe?)
Blight: Survival (looks very similar to VT2)
Lost skies (maybe?)
Suicide squad Kill the justice league (maybe. based on gotham knights)
Payday 3
Void Crew
Earth from another sun (Maybe, says MMO)
Bot-net (VR)
Outlast trials
SCP: Fragmented minds
Atlas Fallen
Sentry (Looks VERY good!)
Gangs of sherwood
Skyclimbers (maybe)
We survive tonight
UBOAT: The Silent Wolf VR (VR only)
Techtonica (not that similar)
Axe Gang (VR only)
Endless dungeon
Lords of the fallen
Hyper light breaker
Arizona Sunshine 2 (VR only)
Starship Survivor
Outpost: infinity siege
Vikings: age of the axe
astro world
Geronimo (VR only)
The first descendant
Towers of Aghasba (not similar but co-op)
Wandering in Space Online VR (VR only)

Lots of single player ones I would add but not the purpose. Narrowing scope.


EDF 4.1 or 5
Aliens Fireteam Elite
Arma 3
Space Marine (PvE horde mode)
Generation Zero
Payday 2
Dawn of War 2: The Last Standalone
Alien Swarm
Iron Brigade
Iron Grip: Warlords
Mordhau (Horde mode)
Deathwing: Redemption
EYE: DIvine Cybermancy
Shadow Warrior 2
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Lost Planet 2
Risk of Rain 2

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I didn’t know Arma 3 had a co-op mode, how do you find it?

Same with Mordhau, I thought it was just PvP. How replayable is it if you avoid all PvP elements?

Deathwing I actually owned, I didn’t like it as much compared to VT2 and such, I don’t see “redemption” though. I do see enhanced edition.

Shadow warrior 2 I loved.

Warframe… I don’t know if I am ever willing to get back into it. Should do something with that old account and all that in game currency.

Arma 3 has a huge PvE custom map scene, lots of people have built maps with hordes, events, and all sorts, both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Last I played Mordhau there were 2 horde maps, some servers implemented mods and a few other features to spice them up, and I got a few dozen hours out of it.

Yes, it’s Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition. Not sure where I got the Redemption subtitle from.

I’ve already played most of the games with my friends, I really liked them. and some of them I’ll keep in mind and invite my friends to play them, thanks!!!

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Hell divers 2 really excites me.

By the way, the new Baldur Gate 3 and diablo 4(I think so, too.) is also played in co-op, when my friends and I buy it, I’ll let you know how it is

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We played Diablo 4, which was difficult for beginners, but these tips were helpful:

Classes Reward Experimentation​

At the beginning of the game, the player must choose from six classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard. Some, like the Barbarian, specialize in brute force melee attacks, while others, like the Wizard, prefer ranged battles using elemental magic. All six classes are viable, though some are a bit more straightforward than others.
The Necromancer, for example, is a highly flexible spellcaster capable of becoming a skeleton-centric pet class, a bone-wall building defensive monster, or AoE chain reaction nightmare using Corpse Explosion. Some classes may be better than others if min-maxing for PvP or PvE, but all of them have considerable depth and variety. The best starting choice is whatever the player will find the most fun.

Skills And Builds Are Flexible​

Though Diablo Immortal doesn’t have extensive skill trees, it still boasts considerable variety in unlockable powers. Here i take some boost for up my character. As the character levels up, new skills will become available and old skills will grow stronger. In addition, powerful gear will enhance skills all the more, either by buffing the effects that are already there or by replacing those effects completely.

It’s natural to find favorite skills and develop strategies around them in the early hours of the game, but it’s advantageous to play around with new skill and build combinations. Even if a player doesn’t think that a given skill will be to their taste and suit their playstyle, it’s worth giving it a shot, as trying out new skills can reveal unexpected power combinations, letting the player best mobs and bosses that might otherwise have stymied them.

Health Must Be Managed Carefully​

The player has three health potions which are replenished on a cooldown. There is a brief cooldown period between health potion uses, too, so the player must be tactical when picking the right moment to deploy them in a fight. Killing enemies and dealing significant damage to bosses also causes red health orbs to drop, and collecting them will restore health just as if a health potion had been used.

There is no cooldown associated with picking up health orbs, so the player can snatch them up even if they have recently consumed another orb or a health potion. How difficult health is to manage depends both upon one’s playstyle and how inclined a class is to play at the frontline. Whether one is taking blow after blow as a Barbarian or standing back and avoiding harm as a Wizard, knowing when to quaff a potion, when to snatch up a health orb, and when to retreat altogether is a vital skill for surviving certain difficult fights.

Unwanted Gear Can Be Scrapped​

Like other dungeon crawlers, Diablo Immortal showers players with loot. Killing demons, opening chests, and completing quests cause gold, gems, weapons, and armor to drop, and shortly after completing the tutorial, the player will find their inventory overflowing with gear. In other games, being loaded down with identical swords, shields that vary by only one or two points in a single stat, and dozens of common armor pieces would be cause for concern.

Diablo Immortal has an elegant solution for surplus gear. Any gear that the player doesn’t need can be broken down at a blacksmith in the safety of a hub area. Doing so rewards the player with scrap materials used to upgrade equipment. Upgrading takes a considerable amount of materials, so the player should be grabbing every item they can and hauling it back to town to break down.

Side Quests Offer Fast Rewards​

While it’s tempting to devote oneself to the main story, plowing through mission after mission, there are good reasons to depart from the main path and pursue side objectives as well. Certain portions of the main story are gated, requiring the player to achieve a certain level before proceeding. While main story missions offer significant rewards for new players, there are times when completing side missions may be necessary to grind out the last level or two before proceeding.

Exploration can reward the player with gold and treasure that will make strengthening them and completing the main mission easier. Challenge Rifts and Bounties can be particularly good for earning some extra rewards, helping the character grow in strength, and outfitting them with specialized gear to hone one’s build. Because they refresh daily, Bounties in particular are a potent source of extra EXP. Diablo Immortal also offers daily rewards for playing and killing monsters, which can go a long way towards helping to slay the armies of hell.

I don’t know the author, but I saw these tips on another site I hang out on from time to time, as if from an experienced player :saluting_face:

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Baldurs gate 3 multiplayer is decent. Similar to divinity original sins 2. Really would have preferred the game having Pathfinder 2e rules though :frowning:

Gears 5 is still active. I imagine some Vermintide players might enjoy solo/duo Escape challenges.

Gears popularized wave-based survival with Horde, and it still does it the best as far as I’m concerned, so if that’s your thing, definitely worth checking out.

It obviously has the full versus/campaign suite as well. Versus is fine, but I do find Gears 5’s campaign to be among the worst in the franchise. The Hivebusters DLC campaign is at least a bit better than the launch campaign.

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While we’re on that topic, if you like old Snowblind Engine games or ARPGs, there’s Baldur’s Gate - Dark Alliance 1 and 2 on PC now. You can use remote play in Steam to play it online with a friend or connect a second controller to do couch coop. It’s pretty neat.

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I did play those games when I was younger, loved em. Also cool how Drizzit and his assassin Nemesis are secret unlock characters too.

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They were amazing games, as were the Champion of Norrath titles.
When I saw what direction Snowblind Studios took after those 4 games and when I saw that they went bankrupt, a piece of my soul died. Same for Troika Studios.
The 2000’s took some amazing companies and IPs from us.

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Killing floor 3 was also just announced.

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Void Crew also looks fun.

I have to say that apart from the usual suspects: Deep Rock Galactic, Vermintide and Darktide I had loads of fun playing some open world survival games.

We played Valheim and 7 Days to Die with our group and the results were very often hilarious. I kind of regret that we didn’t record that, as the fails were legendary. I still remember throwing hastily crafted pipe bombs into horde and wondering why they do not explode - I had no idea you need to manually ignite them :smiley: (7 Days to Die).

I also always return to one huge project in Minecraft Survival Mode with my friend, we are joking that you never stop playing that damn game only take a longer or shorter break.

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Checking out 7 days to die, still Early access, since 2013 damn.

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Indeed. I consider 7 Days to Die to be eternal early access, same as Dwarf Fortress.

Nonetheless it is a bit clunky, but challenging and fun. Solo play bored me pretty quickly, but with a few friends it is a decent choice, especially given the fact, that you can periodically buy it dirt-cheap.