Co-op games

What other co-op games do all you people play?

I have always been a big fan of online co-op games and I would like to play more.

I have been playing a lot of Deep Rock Galactic lately but I am curious what other games people are playing?

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Well I sometimes still play Sanctum 2.

I use to play a lot of L4D2 a few years ago. Lately, just V2 and Divinity II. I have deep rock galactic, but haven’t really played it since September. I’ve been meaning to get back into it. Before that, I really only played BF3, had around 3 thousand something hours across all my accounts and a couple hundred on BF4. Then I got into insurgency and played that exclusively until I got into V2.

Never heard of sanctum 2, But it looks pretty great, I will have to try it out. I loved bf3 and bf4 was pretty good as well, I have not played the new ones tho.

I’m curious about the game GTFO on steam when ever it comes out as well, it looks interesting.

I can recommend trying out Deep Rock again, the last update (21 I think) has made the game much better.


You can look up some co-op games on cooptimus and even filter their database for used hardware (PC, Console) and type of co-op (local/LAN/Online) and so on.

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Good and interesting co-op games are something I’m looking for pretty much all the time, as I’m not a competitively minded person but still prefer playing with others (well, friends) to playing alone. My standards end up being pretty strict, though, as MMORPGS and the like have proven to be boring, obviously otherwise too the genres I like are limited, and as I’m not hugely interested in playing with strangers, the games practically need to catch the interest of at least one friend too.

As things stand right now, there’s only Thea 2: the Shattering that I play regularly in addition to VT2 (and I’m actually playing it now), and I’d love to keep playing Minecraft but the friends who own it haven’t found interest or time for it for a long time now.

In the past, though, the Borderlands franchise (still waiting for 3…) and Payday 2 have held interest at least for some time. The games from Koei’s Warriors franchise that include co-op have also been great fun, I’ve played both of the Divinity: Original Sin games (even though the second one didn’t end up going very far), and a lot of other older or smaller games (including the already mentioned Sanctum 2) have been on the list. I won’t list everything, as there’s two decades of effective gaming experience there, so the complete list would be… long.

Recommendations are kind of hard to do, but I can try tossing out some if you specify style or genre. Nothing is guaranteed, though.


I wish for someone to make a proper EQX… I miss the old eq II a lot (and wh online).
I miss the good time I had playing the mage mentalist (? I don’t remember the class name) in eqII or the
porkul thief in wizardry online or the fighting in the towers in who… ;_;
I’m also still looking for something. Something looking like black desert, that plays well and deep and twisted like wizardry :stuck_out_tongue:

My post played game on Steam is Payday 2, which is a pretty good game. It’s had a lot of ups and downs throughout its life cycle, but as of now it’s in a pretty good spot (it’s also done being updated).

Killing Floor 2 is another one that I play a lot. It’s not super interesting from a thematic point of view, but it is somehow still fun to play. I can’t really explain why.

I played Evolve through its alpha, beta and the release and I still mourn for it. It was a really good game IMO, it had a specific atmosphere and a really nice banter between the characters. I think that besides Vermintide, Evolve has had the best atmosphere when it comes to co-op games.
Nowadays I play Battlefield 4 from time to time and I play some co-op campaigns in Total War Warhammer 2.
I play Portal with my girlfriend and Ghost Recon Wildlands with 2 of my best friends.

I’ve been following GTFO for a while (a year at this point?) and I can say that I’m pretty jazzed about it. Like others in the thread, a good Co-op game is better than pretty much any other game for me.

There’s also Mount & Blade: Bannerlords which should come out… one day.

Killing Floor 2 is fun for about 20 minutes unless your friends are really fun to play with.

Heroes of Hammerwatch is… so fun. With the correct crew, it is an absolute riot. I also love high-fantasy adventure games, so it might just be me.

Earth Defense Force is absolutely histerical. It’s so funny to play with friends and 5 just came out to PC in the last few months. So goofy. Can’t recommend it enough!

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I have 818 hours in Killing Floor 2; been playing since it hit Early Access in April 2015. A vast majority of that is on solo. It’s cool if it’s not your thing, but it is fun for some people without friends!

Thanks for the EDF recommendation, I’ve been on the fence on those for a while!

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Team Fortress 2 is still good. 4183 hours on that…
Paladins is a ok fps moba.
L4D2 is actually a very good game IF you download custom maps from the workshop. It’s very fun to play then.
Grim Dawn is amazing.
DOOM is just so freaking good as a single player game.


Anything from EA, Activision Blizzard and Bethesda (DOOM is the only exception)

Hey, whoa now, I agree that L4D2 is fantastic and that Grim Dawn is great, but Starcraft 2 is really fun to play with friends! All of the custom maps, the standard Versus-AI, and the Co-Op Mode are all great!

I’m with you on Earth Defence Force. The game is the most ridiculous cluster cluck I have ever played and is so much fun with friends.

I tend to jump all over the place with co-op games. Like the occasional total war warhammer campaign, factorio every now and again, stellaris, stardew valley (in the attempt to get my girlfriend into games) and deep rock galactic. Used to play L4D religiously in my youth but V2 now scratches that itch.

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