While waiting for FS’s service provider to get their stuff running again, what do you guys do instead of playing V2 (and reading this, obviously)?
Music related
I’m drinking my favourite energydrink and reading up on some lore, for starters.

Edit: also would like to point out to an awesome youtube channel by the name of Erik the Red for his hilarious Total War: Warhammer sketches, and recently, lore videos about Warhammer fantasy.


Excellent link. I’ll have it playing in the background while I type this!

All intense co-op games interest me, so I’m often found playing those. I’m really looking forward to GTFO but I already love Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead, and Heroes of Hammerwatch. Dark Souls is my all-time favorite game, but that’s an era that has passed. Can’t forget that Divinity: Original Sin 2 either!

Strategy games, like Starcraft 2 and Total War: Warhammer 2 are also really fun; I’m not great at the latter, but I pride myself on all-brutal missions in the campaigns of Starcraft. Closing in on 100% achievement progress, too!

When it’s not video-games, I’m the Dungeon Master for a few D&D 5th Edition campaigns and in Blood Bowl I play a vampire team that recently took a… critical loss.

TL;DR I have too many hobbies :smiley:


Have you considered Deep Rock Galactic? I got it recently and got a ton of fun out of it (even in singleplayer), and i heard that a lot of players of V2 got to it during the long wait while the Xbox version was being developed. They also have a nice updating schedule with tons of content adding to the base structure.
And it has dwarfs.


Yea, I’ve been playing Divinity Original Sin 2 and Deep Rock Galactic when not on Vermintide. Then I’ve got a DnD group that runs around 2-3 times a week on random days, basically when ever we can get enough people or someone wants to DM on Roll20. We all have jobs and kids, so it’s hard to get the same people together to finish every mission if it’s not a one shot. So we use a magical train that randomly picks up and drops off adventurers :joy: It works xD


When it works, it works :grin:


If you haven’t given a Westmarches campaign a whirl, it helps explain the missing players :smiley: that and it allows folks who want to try a lot of things to… try a lot of things.

I’ll have to give Deep Rock Galactic a whirl just to see what it’s like!


Nothing to do with Warhammer, at least. It’s not a setting that holds any particular interest for me, in either version.

In all honesty, because I play only with a certain close group of friends, I seem to relatively rarely get the chance to play VT now. There also may be a bit of a burnout in that; we’ve played pretty intensively at some points. But that means that I’ve got a lot of time to do something else. …Too much, I’d say - I’d rather do a lot more with my friends.

Lately I’ve been binging (again) on Numberphile videos on Youtube. Minecraft has also taken lot of my time during the last few weeks, but that gets quite boring too when I can’t get others to come online. And of course, these forums do provide some more entertainment too.

I did make two significant game purchases lately (Soul Calibur VI and Kingdom Hearts 3), but both ended up being major disappointments, so they didn’t take much of my time. Otherwise, my interest in particular games waxes and wanes, but in general I find more worthy games (especially single-player) from the older generations.


Is it fantasy that gives you the spark, or just gaming with friends? Divinity is a super fun game, even solo, for it’s tactical nature.

Creative games are only really good for me if I have folks to share the experience with, so I understand how you feel on the Minecraft issue.

I actually completed Divinity: Original Sin with a friend, though the second one didn’t feel as interesting after starting it. It may get better later, but we’d really need to start a new game for that.

Co-op (with friends) makes a lot of games playable and even fun, even if they’re quite crap otherwise. I remember one game we played as a couch co-op (!), which was quite fun that way, but there were so many flaws (clunky controls, clichéd plot, camera troubles, lack of system depth…) that without that option it would’ve been a hard pass. In all honesty, I’ve forgotten the name of the game too.

I’m not a competitive person (and as far as I can remember, have never been) so PvP games don’t interest me that much. Fighting games are just about the only general exception to that, but without going online, it’s hard to find opponents in them.

I guess that’s kind of another problem for me: I love to play with other people, but I’m not good at making contact, and I’ve a high threshold for actually starting to communicate with strangers. It’s not an easy combination with my profession…

All that also leads to me having way higher standards for single-player games. A few co-ops have been good enough for me to play them alone too (Borderlands, mainly), but otherwise I’m always on the lookout for good JRPGs. I recognise there are many very good Western computer RPGs too, and I’ve tried quite a few, but they tend to be too mechanic-heavy for me to stay interested, or otherwise start tiring me up too easily.

So, to answer your question, it’s both, but spending time with friends is more important to me. Which I get to do way too little. Why do other people need to have a life…

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Is it JRPGs for the style, the design, or the gameplay? Not trying to be judgemental, just trying to find some stuff that might fit your fancy! :smile:

Those scoundrels!

Rocket League!

Thanks for sharing that channel, definitely going to be watching more of that in the near future.


That… depends. On a lot of things. Story, gameplay and even visuals can all make or break a game for me, though the visuals are far less important. But I’ve played games where the story and base mechanics were both interesting, but some aspect of the deeper mechanics ended up too tiresome or off-putting to continue for long. There have been games where the mechanics are wonderful, and the game feels awesome to play, but the story just isn’t interesting enough. And on the other hand, there have been games that I’ve played where story was average at best, but the game moved fast enough for the fine gameplay to keep shining, and games that got repetitive fast for gameplay, but the story kept me interested.

The visuals are kind of another issue, as if they’re something I really don’t like, I’m highly unlikely to even pick up the game. Otherwise they’re usually something I can either get used to, or just ignore enough. For example, there’s something about Akira Toriyama’s style (in games’ context, Dragon Quest series and Chrono Trigger) that I just don’t like, but it’s not bad enough for me to skip a game based solely on that. On the other hand, exactly because of the visuals I can’t bring myself to watch Adventure Time or One Piece (or play a game based on them, for that matter).

Of course, a game with obviously older graphics (i. e. the 16-bit era or older, and modern equivalents) need to have stronger gameplay and story to compensate. While I’m not that much into impressive graphics, they still have meaning.

If you really want to help me, for a long time I’ve been on a lookout for a long time for a good Sci-Fi JRPG. I mean genuinely Sci-Fi, not effective fantasy with Sci-fi backdrop like (most of) the Star Ocean series (though they are very good otherwise).

Ah, a fellow miner of Hoxxes IV!

Yeah, for a game that’s basically just Left 4 Dead, in Minecraft, in space, with Dwarfs, DRG is great.

It’s my headcanon that DRG takes place in WH40K, the Dwarfs are Squats, and the Glyphid are an off-shoot species of Tyranids.