Time well wasted

Well I have finally reached 1000 hours in this game and it has to be said, this is a great game to be spending so much time on.

By far one of my most played games with a great community that I just keep coming back to

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Good job Fatshark for making such a great time sink and here’s to 1000 more hours!


How much time have all you people sunk in to this game?

And what are other games have you played way to much?


Despite all the bugs, crashes and weird things that happen…i also, like the game :stuck_out_tongue:


You call them bugs, I call them features

** has a little sob about not being able to blunderbuss bosses into next week after the Great Huntsman Nerf™ **

1054 hours and counting.

Closest I got to similar playtime is Skyrim + Mods and possibly Planetside 2.


I like it too. 1230h here! But I still miss a red helmet lol

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My most played game on Steam, at 998 hours right now. The only one getting close is Borderlands 2, but only because I’ve played it a lot on console too (before moving more to PC). VT1 and Payday 2 also give some competition, being over 500 hours both.

So I guess FS has done something right, even if there is still room for improvement.

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Total War Warhammer (both games) is my other go to game, i really like Warhammer in general, it started with 40k and Dawn of War.
Insurgency is close to 1000h, i think @SmokerT69 played that, too.

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Before I got in to V1 then V2 I played Ark Survival Evolved for about 2019 hours. But now I mostly just play V2 and deep rock


Yea, I tend to find one game I really like and play it for years. XD

I played nothing but starcraft really from late 1990’s until 2005 or so. Few MMO’S, then BF2 and BF bad company. I had around 3,000 hours on BF3 across my accounts and only played that for years along with Insurgency. My next most played games are probably Payday2 and L4D2. Rest of my games like Civilizations probably have a good 300 hours or so. Same for Mass Effect, I sunk a hundred hours into every Mass effect, 1-3.

I won’t list MMORPGs because the amount of hours I put into those would be sad XD I think even maplestory from back in 2008 i had a good 5k hours in >_<

I’m around 1500 hours in V2 currently.


Yeah, this has been my favorite game since launch. At 1500+ hours.
Almost finished with all Okris challenges. Would probably have more progress but have been doing a lot of modded realm content and helping people with FoW. Beat it twice on Sunday lol.

Other games I spent a lot of time with: tf2 before it went f2p, Total War Warhammer, Diablo II, Warcraft 3, Dragon Age Origins.

First played a little of V1 on Xbox with a friend then saw that V2 was coming out and pre-ordered it. Been playing since the 2nd Beta phase and have not looked back since. Currently at 1500+ hours and completed most of Okri’s challenges and obtained all 100 game hats except for Sienna(work in-progress) Really looking forward to Winds of Magic too.

Have also put many hours into Skyrim SE, Warframe, WoW(since 2008), Diablo 3, NBA 2k, Dragon Age series, GTA IV&V, CoD, Battlefield series, Borderlands series.

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Around 500h in Vermintide 2 as well in Vermintide 1. First two games I ever played that long. So cheers to an amazing game concept!

Whew, here I’m feeling like the rookie at only barely over 300 hours played! It’s been absolutely awesome for every moment, though, and I’m looking forward to pouring in more hours as time goes on.

I’ve spent way too many hours on WoW back in the day (stopped the moment they announced Cataclysm) so I won’t dare to measure that. I recorded something like 300 hours into Payday 2 as well, but my most played is the Dark Souls series, for sure. I played through the game 4-5 times on my Xbox, excluding NG+(++) play-throughs, and then I’ve recorded between 250 and 350 hours on each game for the PC. DS2 was the most balanced for PvP, but I way preferred DS1 and DS3… I can recite their lore nearly entirely from heart!

I loathe to think how much I’ve played Starcraft/Warcraft/Starcraft 2… and I’m so glad I can’t check.

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