Finally done

done all achievement

got all hat for all career


Wow! How many hours do you have in the game at this point? :open_mouth:

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1650hrs i played


Very nice, I kinda gave up on the challenges. I might go back to finishing them someday. There’s certain classes, like shade, that I can only do 1 or 2 games with before I don’t touch them again for weeks. Meanwhile I have hundreds of hours on WS and HM after I unlocked their hats. Anyway, well done though.

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Hear hear, friend! Cousin Okri would be proud! You deserve something extra; FatShark, can we get @SpaceJellyKing something awesome?

Is SpaceJellyKing the first person to do this? Ahhhh! Exciting!

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@SpaceJellyKing well done :+1:

Very impressive!

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You must be exhausted. I would be.

Whaaaaaat !

Bravo :clap:

I think a cousin Okri statue should be sent to anyone reaching all those challenges.
Or a visit to FS studio :stuck_out_tongue:

At the very least a dedicated Steam achievement !

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Nope he wasn’t the first I finished mine in December on Xbox. Including latest dlc challenges. All cosmetics, all red weapons. . 100 percent conoletion on everything . The only thing I am more sdibg are sine purples from Bogenhafen, which we can only fo as fast as game allows.

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