79,2 hrs into DT and I quit

As the title says, enough is enough.

This is 10 times less then I did in VT2, 5 times less then VT1

This game has amazing visuals, sound, gunplay, music.

Once you maxed your character though, reality hits.

There ARE no story, the cutsceanes stop, no new missions, no new items or anything to motivate play after you maxed out.

The lack of any meaningful crafting means you cant play with builds, the lack of a scoreboard means you cant analyze your performance, even if you try different builds.

Inability to save several loadouts, atrocious borderline trolling perk rerolls, a shop that never seems to have anything useful (Im looking at you bolter/plasmagun) and update only once pr hour.

On top it seems Fatshark don’t communicate with the fanbase, and most certainly didn’t listen to Beta feedback.

To say I’m disappointed is a understatement.

I don’t know what the Devs were thinking, VT2 was über successful, how the gak did they flunk like this?.

Anyways to save this mess here’s what needs to happen in my book.

  • Shop either have quicker refresh times (20m min) or always at least one of every weapon.
  • Crafting needs to actually be installed, and no perk lock gak.
  • More levels/different modifiers or ways to combine them, maybe something outside on ground level? or a “central shopping area” areas with civilians or something, we saved a lot of people in VT2, there could be lots of options, VIP escort, prisoner release, stop the sacrifice ex ex.
  • A scoreboard, at the very least showing my own stats, headshots, damage taken, kills. Preferably a VT2 style - the toxic scoreboard line is utter nonsense, and you know it.

Anyways, happy new year folks.


Happy new year.

The music is fine

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I only made it almost 50 hours, didn’t take long to see the glaring issues. I’d rather come hang out on the forum than actually play the game at this point.


That was never stated by anybody to be an issue lol


80 hours of entertainment for $60 or whatever seems like a pretty solid deal to me?

Check back in a few months?

have played 13 hours, 13 hours of that is sitting and watching it crash on launch


not for a game as service. and even if it wasn’t, 60 USD for only 80 hours is not a good deal in 2023. in this case even more because the paid game is incomplete.

60 USD for only 80 hours is not a good deal in 2023

Stray won multiple awards, is a similar price, and has 20 hours of content. Hades has about 22 hours of content, and only 100 or so if you go for every single completion. Elden Ring ~60 hours.

We have very different perspectives. Source: I googled it, I haven’t played any of those award winning games, but your “not a good deal in 2023” comment is pretty ludicrous to me.


You’re literally comparing two different types of games…

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I reached lvl 30 in under 50 hours. So that’s it then. Elden Ring takes ~60, DT takes <50, DT has less value.

Hey, don’t complain, I’m using your logic here.


Level 30 is the start of the game from my POV. Less value to you, fine - I can’t argue with your subjective opinion. I’m somehow still playing at 100+ hours and having fun… and my guess is you’ll end up spending more than 50h on DT when all is said and done :wink:

The topic was “60 USD for only 80 hours is not a good deal in 2023”. I found it a ridiculous statement.

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Nobody said all of those hours were fun, I never understand this argument.

Waiting for the shop x amount of minutes isn’t fun. Having to cycle through RNG upgrades isnt fun. Having to sift through the shop to see if there is and isn’t crap stuff there isn’t fun.

Something can consume your time and not be worth the financial investment.

Very bold of you to assume every second playing was enjoyable. This is why people don’t like this game. It doesn’t respect your time.


Did someone take away your agency as a player? Can you not vote with your time and wallet? Make constructive suggestions then check back in six months after a bunch of development has been made? Like, if you don’t like the game, don’t play it… but someone putting in 80 hours and saying it wasn’t worth it is not someone that’s being objective.

If it actually wasn’t worth it, you would have quit and refunded much earlier. There’s clearly quite a bit about the game to like or people wouldn’t be getting to 80+ hours in to begin with.

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Yeah, the base gameplay is fun, everything else that is supposed to support it makes the game an absolute chore to play.


What’s with all the black and white, take it or leave it arguments? Obviously there’s something about the game people love, and just as obviously there’s something about the game people loath. Sure, provide feedback (which OP has done), or step away if you’re burning out (which happens and the OP is doing) but the general tone of “like it or leave it” is counter-productive.


Red rarity weps would be nice to see again in order to raise the end game ceiling. But i’m not sure how they would implement this since the former was a loot crate system. Maybe exclusive emperors gift on damnation. Anyways game is not nearly done, you’ll be back. More like you’re taking a break OP.

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Already statet everything during the beta - see the many “please wait with the release another X Month” posts. But no, they need to ship bananaware - another unfinished game.

The whole attitude, not only Fatshark - other publishers do the same, is really pathetic and just pisses me off. They try to meet a deadline for a quick profit, no matter what the product looks like in the end.

I dont think the devs at Fatshark pat themselves on the back and are really proud of this achievement. Such a quick shot for an actually so great game, as a fan of the series makes me really sad and frustrated to see some number crunchers putting deadlines no matter how “ripe” the actual product is.

  • No communications at all since xmas
    (yes hollidays but at least the community team should be there in the time of the year were probably the most hours played. Even we as a local company have someone “reachable” for customers)
  • Everything bad already seen in Closed and later in open beta → ignored
  • This should actuall rise all warning flags and let me cancel my preorder, i didnt unfortunately
  • story? common… “Hey we need to put some story in, here you go…” rly my 5yr old can tell better stories
  • Performance and Optimization; Did anybody really testet that game befor shipping other than on a $5000 Desktop ? The sheir amount of GPU bugs and performance flaws I never ever saw in any other release
  • Re-playablity: huh? Crafting is ridiculous, Shop is just bad, variety; at least they tried but I miss more extra condition modes.
  • scoreboard, already in discussion since closed beta. “toxic” jadajadajda nonsense - there were plenty of player suggestions and mockups how this could be achieved. Like PErsonal stats without others or the individual choice of “hiding” own stats and so on… but under the line they did nothing.
  • weapons, far off from what was promised. Customizable Sniper Rifle e.g. much more differnt weapon types. All PR nonsense in before the release interviews, nothing realized.

In general I like the game Idea and some parts of it but there is just so many things which frustrates.

In the end, the only thing that remains is that Fatshark thinks their community is fukn stupid. Why actually make community forums and betas if they don’t listen to the community anyway?

I really would have liked to spend money in the store for cosmetics and co but for what? A game that doesn’t even fulfill the basic requests of its playerbase and is only out for a one time sale?

The actual game idea is good, also the graphics (if you have high end hardware) is top, it’s fun with the countless hordes. BUT it could all be so much better if you would just listen to the community a bit.

Yes, I will continue to play it but not nearly as much as I had hoped. My hope is still that maybe in half a year you have a good game. Hopefully then enough active players are still there.

If you look at the player base it tell the whole story in a simple chart and I hope it will not fall much more.

  1. the games you mentioned are functional
  2. they are not a “service”
  3. Elden Ring has a lot of content and replayability i know people with 700+ hours already. can’t speak for the other 2.

if you don’t want to consider Darktide (a buggy mess, not even complete yet) that’s fine but it is a fact that it is a bad deal

and the darktide players count dropping are just a further proof:
Darktide steam charts

Elden Ring Steam charts

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I agree, anything above 30hrs imo is definitely worthy of the $60 dollar tag. Id debate it on a $70 entry fee though, luckily this isn’t the case.

Id of course love 100s of hours of content, but expecting to get that out of every game is nonsense, I hope to god starfield will take this and more.