Retired Darktide Player Questionnaire

For those who played Darktide and have stopped the game entirely, down below is a questionnaire that you are free to take if you wish to do so.

This questionnaire is completely optional and is intended to shed some light statistically (for the most part) on what players expected vs what they received in the end.

As we are all aware, the game is in rough shape as it is. Though if Fatshark is willing to listen to us and manage to understand truly on where the frustrations lie within the game, then hopefully we can find a common ground that could lead to a solution rather than ranting on how the game is currently tanking as it is.

For how long did you play Darktide?

  • 000 - 050 Hours
  • 050 - 100 Hours
  • 100 - 150 Hours
  • 150 - 200 Hours
  • 200 - 250 Hours
  • 250 - 300 Hours
  • 300+ Hours

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What were your reason(s) on why you stopped playing?

Note: Not all listed items needs to be selected. Just the ones that you personally feel like it was the biggest, glaring issue(s) that bothered you the most.

  • (Microtransactions) The Commodor’s Vestures shop
  • Repetitive Gameplay with no meaningful variance to the mission themselves
  • Restricted customization of weapons and curios
  • RNG on weapons, curios, missions, secondary objectives, and challenges
  • Class imbalances that favors a meta builds rather than personal favored builds
  • No Crafting System what so ever
  • No In-Game Lore to See, Read, or Listen to
  • No endgame missions, objectives, or challenges to do
  • No endgame sub-classes to choose from or levels beyond 30
  • No way to earn Aqualias within the game
  • Limited Character Banter with your character being with other characters
  • No freedom in the mission selection menu

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If the Fatshark developers manage to pro-actively communicate to the community, despite facing harsh criticism, would you continue to give feedback that could help out the developers resolve any current issues?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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If a roadmap was released detailing upcoming seasonal items, new gameplay features, and other news about the game within a 3 month time period, would you consider reviewing it to see if it peaks your interest?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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If developers manage to make more content for the game and manage to release hotfixes in a timely manner, will you return to play Darktide again as you are seeing progress being made to see what has changed since you last stopped playing?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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To those who has answered the questions above, I thank you for your votes on each poll!


Very well done and beautiful initiative.

A shame it was a forum user that had to do it.


100+ hours of entertainment for 40 dollars.

I don’t think there’s any argument to be made against the games value tbh.

It’s just frustrating to helplessly watch so much potential be wasted.

I guess I’m hoping for a soft relaunch like Total Warhammer 3’s Immortal Empires at this point.


The difference is, EVERYONE knew immortal empires would happen soon-ish after launch so even if the main campaign sucked people knew the real game would soon come so there was no need to despair or refund.
This is not the case with darktide. If anything, future for tide looks very very bleak unless fatshark gets off their high horse and actually listens to reason and starts acting on feedback given by the players.


Sad it is just for retired players… I see that Crafting / RNG is the main problem. As I suspected it…


They had a roadmap for the pre-order beta. They didn’t stick with it. They said that the crafting system will be rolled out during the month of December…it wasn’t.

Haven’t played for over a month now…just logged in today to see what’s up…nothing. Darktide should have cooked like Skull and Bones. Getting like 8 delays and prolly no release.

Got zealot to 30 and completed damnation. Other classes 20+. Not even gonna bother. Picked up Tarkov again. At least they have the decency to mark their game as being beta and not full release.

Like the Soup Nazi says: No full game for you! Come back 1 year !

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Regarding the last couple questions,

My biggest issues with the game are the RNG-everything, the FOMO tactics in the shops, and the very obvious attempts to pad playtime via crafting drop rates, and lack of shared resources/weeklies.

No amount of new content or communication will bring me back unless it addresses those problems.

New missions are great but not when I can’t play them because the mission board says no.

New weapons are great but not when I can’t find them because the armory says no.

Finished crafting is great but not when I can’t use it hardly at all because plasteel is so sparse and has to be collected on each character separately. And then half the time upgrading a weapon ruins it anyway.

Weeklies aren’t fun when they pressure you to play ~13 hours per character per week. That’s a full time job.

The cash shop is just all around problematic and needs an overhaul to be more consumer friendly, and the cosmetics need to be higher quality as well.


Why are you doing a better job than the Community Managers?!?!?!?!??


That says everything, doesn’t it?

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Its poorly optimised and laggy. Not good in a fps game.

I expect everyone is tuning this thing down trying to get more consistent fps no matter what pc they have.

Lately ive realise I’m only playing to increase my special mission modifier counter for a green portrait frame lol. Good luck fatshark will check in sometime down the road.

There is one more thing

“It’s been emotional” – Big Chris : Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels - YouTube

I think it is because from a public relations standpoint, saying anything about the game will be met with constant criticism. So focusing all efforts on working onto the game rather than saying, “We are working on these known issues and will be done next week.”

I wanted to get a general census on what people think currently about this game and have a way to display the information that could be leveraged.

But that’s me being optimistic really.

I mean, that’s just not true. They are saying stuff elsewhere, conversing and reaching fans, which is actually a big chunk of why the frustration is so particularly high here.


Hmm… point taken.

Just makes me more curious as to why the devs are more active elsewhere than here. Then again, one look at all the subject lines for each forum posts could be one of many reasons why.

Every time I read this, I see people forget that to enjoy the game at its fullest you need to reach lvl 30. Having 4 diferent classes, just make the count. I have plenty of games which I played half the hours of Darktide which are way worthier than this game.


No disrespect, but this survey is way too biased and doesn’t really cover anything that wasn’t in the one the company sent out.


I feel like we are all here because we WANT to play the game, and we all want it to be great. We have high hopes because there has literally been better in VT2. It’s just that we see the future as bleak with no communication, and no updates except to the real money store. That is more of an insult than anything else. So, we have all gone elsewhere due to being snubbed by fatshrek


If you weren’t being entertained, then you would have quit less than 20 hours in, thus you were being entertained. Nobody was forcing you to sink 100+ hours into the game, no one told you “the game is only entertaining once you reach level 30 with all 4 classes”, that’s nonsense.

You chose to play the game and you kept choosing to play the game because you found it entertaining.

You can make the case that there are more entertaining games, hell a movie can be at the very peak of entertainment and that’s only 2 hours long and costs 20 dollars.

But that doesn’t change the fact that you enjoyed Darktide enough to sink 100+ hours in.

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I honestly find this playtime/cost of the game argument completely misplaced… you might bring that up when comparing the same game genres (e.g. two RPGs and their story length/depth) but the Tide games are inherently designed for constant replaying of the same missions, you can basically invest almost countless hours in them. Comparing it to a movie is even more unnecessary… Apples and oranges. I have 4k hours of playtime in V2 and am at the end of my rope with Darktide after ~270h… 120h of it were leveling up… and no, I do not call that fun. My fun in V2 started when I had reached my complete freedom and could play everything when and how I wanted… but that is absolutely not the case in DT, because it is simply not possible. The rest of my playtime felt like it consisted only of finding 6 Ogryns to charge through without being brain-dead and risking my whole team to wipe… but I was broken by the 3 specials with the psycher. Fun is really something else… Unfortunately I am a miserable " achievement hunter " and that is also pretty much the only thing that kept me playing and also only because I have ignored all subsystems of the game as far as it was possible. At this point, I can’t say that I think the money I invested in DT was worth it. At least the expectations I had were not fulfilled at all.


I have stopped playing about a week ago since I got something else now but when I was slowly stopping it was because I launched the game when I felt like playing and I wanted to do high intensity heresy or lights out or fog or hounds.
Go to the board and there’s not even heresy available.
Did that 3 days in a row and stopped looking.
I use the Web app to look at the shop but not much anymore.
People got limited time to play games and if I can’t play what I want I just go to something else.
Malice is to easy and 0 to 2 heresy choices is not enough.


Didn’t play in 10 days. When I started thinking, that any substantial update is probably more than a month away, I uninstalled. Probs won’t come back until(if) something revolutionary happens.