[CHART] Estimated Console (PS4 and Possibly Xbox) Enemy Health in Legend Comparison to PC

Updated Jan. 27, 2019: Added horde size data.

Disclaimer: These numbers were farmed manually through a pretty tedious process as console does not have modded realm and should be taken with some measure of margin of error. PC numbers are taken from UnShame’s Enemy Data Sheet for comparison purposes.

Originally posted to the r/Vermintide subreddit. This is a work in progress—all errors are my own.

Thank you to PS4 users @Kittythepet, PoeticShaman, and Yig-Kthu for doing this with me. I’m not half as proficient as these guys, and I appreciate them taking their time to help me collect data and shorten the process, rather than me going at it alone.

Also, thank you to Boofy14 and Jonas in Squirrel Squad for giving me advice on how to collect these numbers.

Numbers were taken by killing whatever we hoped to test and then by having the player die after the targeted enemy was killed. We went in with two on CC and horde control duty/support and two as testers. After death, we used host’s scoreboard to extract the damage done from the testing players and compared it to the PC enemy data sheet. When feasible/possible, we did tests in triplicates for replication/control purposes.

Two bosses were tested, but the margin of error was too high in calculation (ie. trolls), and were put in the chart as estimated values, with the reasoning below.

Update: Skaven fodder see an increase of ~60% in HP, while chaos fodder see an increase of ~33% in HP.

It’s been known for a while that in order not to overload the console, that hordes are smaller, but enemies in these hordes have a higher health pool.

From what we could feasibly extract, it seems the only changes really arise from enemies that can appear in hordes (fanatics, slave and clan rats, etc.) at an HP increase of ~33%, with specials and infantry remaining otherwise unchanged. As such, it has been estimated that other non-fodder enemies such as lords and mini-bosses would otherwise remain unchanged.

Update: According to Reddit Xbox user blahblah982487, these numbers are currently accurate for the latest Xbox version of Vermintide 2.
I can’t imagine these numbers would be too terribly different, but since this data was collected on a PS4, I can’t vouch that enemy HP numbers are the same for our Microsoft console counterpart. :slight_smile:


From Reddit user blahblah982487 who was a total champ getting this data:

Xbox One X Avg. chaos horde size: 91 Avg. skaven horde size: 112 Fanatic hp: 24 Slaverat hp: 12 Total avg. chaos horde hp: 2184 Total avg. skaven horde hp: 1344

PC Avg. chaos horde size from Reddit user Dollar249: 100 Avg. skaven horde size: 166 Fanatic hp: 18 Slaverat hp: 7,5 Total avg. chaos horde hp: 1800 Total avg. skaven horde hp: 1245

This means, that chaos horde size is 9% smaller on console compared to PC in average and skaven horde is 33% smaller on console. On the other hand total chaos horde hp is 21% higher on console compared to PC in average and total skaven horde hp is 8% higher on console.


Name Legend HP PC Legend HP PS4
Skaven Slave 7.5 12
Clanrat w/and w/o shield 15 24
Sackrat 75 75 (estimated the same)
Fanatic 18 24
Marauder w/and w/o shield 39 52
Stormvermin w/and w/o shield 39 39
Plaguemonk 52 52 (estimated the same)
Savage 54 54
Mauler 90 90
Chaos Warrior 120 120
Gutter Runner 36 36
Ratling Gunner 36 36 (estimated the same)
Warpfire Thrower 36 36
Globadier 60 60 (estimated the same)
Packmaster 75 75 (estimated the same)
Lifeleech 60 60 (estimated the same)
Storm Sorcerer 60 60
Rat Ogre 2100 2100
Stormfiend 2100 2100
Bile Troll 1500 1500 (estimated the same)
Spawn Naglfahr 2100 2100 (estimated the same)
Spawn of Chaos 2100 2100
Spinemanglr 1500 1500 (estimated the same)
Gatekeeper Naglfahr 1200 1200 (estimated the same)
Ribspreader 1800 1800 (estimated the same)
Rasknitt 1200 1200 (estimated the same)
Deathrattler 1500 1500 (estimated the same)
Halescourge 2160 2160 (estimated the same)

I always thought something was odd about the healthpools on PS4, since the PC wiki says clan rats have like 10 HP on champion, yet they sometimes survive hits from weapons like the crowbill that deals well over 10 damage on light attacks.

You should add these numbers to the Vermintide 2 wiki if you’re able too. https://vermintide2.gamepedia.com/Vermintide_2_Wiki

A devs confirmation on actual health numbers for ALL difficulties on the console versions would be nice though, because then the numbers would be 100% accurate, instead of console players having to run tests to get estimations.

There’s a couple things I’ll need to correct and intend to over the next 24 hours (blahblah and I did a collaboration to get some horde enemy numbers), but I’ll see if I can find some place to stick in the wiki if it’s amendable. I know Fatshark tends to keep quiet on the numbers and rather let the players figure them out. :slight_smile:

It’s been known for quite a while that enemies have been tweaked for console to help compensate for slightly thinner hordes, so I’m not necessarily surprised at the higher health pool, just relieved it only seemed to extend to fodder units, otherwise I would have had a hell of a time collecting those out in the wild.

Weapon data though, is particularly thorny, and might take a good number of weeks to manually collect as much as I can. Hopefully it will get the console community somewhere close so they can start accurately calculating their own breakpoints. :heart:

I wish FS would respond

If you read the patch notes they recently changed the size of hordes and ambient numbers. I don’t think they posted any HP numbers though.

As far as I’m aware, HP hasn’t changed and I won’t retest unless there are patch notes specifically stating as much (ergo, “we increased flamerat HP by 33%”, etc), as it’s a bit too tedious to try retesting every single patch. I’d need to do some more collaborative work for the new horde size; particularly since in comparison to PC, that’s dependent on the PC user’s host specs iirc?

Apologizes I haven’t gotten weapon data out yet. I got lazy with it and it’s not fun to collect, but hopefully with the new patch, that fixes some data errors I was getting with weapons and I hope to plop something out soon for the console community to look at.