Breakpoints for Legend PS4

I noticed I wasn’t hitting breakpoints while playing, and was using a damage calculator from reddit. The damage dealt was accurate, however the enemy would remain alive. So I did some difficult testing (kill only the enemy in question four times and then die to end the run.)

On PS4 legend
Stormvermin have 57.5 hp,
Chaos Warriors have 165.5 hp,
Maulers have 108 hp.

The Wiki and calculator show 52.75, 151.75, 99 respectively if memory serves.

My question is, are these numbers accurate on PC? Do enemies have the wiki stated health? Are PS4 enemies harder to kill and thus bugged? Are enemies on PC just as hard to kill meaning damage calculations have been out dated for some time?

Anyone with access to the PC version giving hard data would be greatly appreciated. Same for Xbox.

Obviously if there is a discrepancy I can report it as a bug.

Testing process:

I hit a dummy in the keep for 1300, go in game to hit a chaos infantry unit and die, see 13 damage dealt. I know damage dealt is accurate. I kill a Chaos Warrior and die, 166 damage dealt, as the .5 rounds up. I know from 2 chaos warrior kills showing 331 total damage dealt they actually have 165.5. From 432 damage dealt to 4 kills on maulers they have 108. One SV kill shows as 58, two shows as 115 total damage dealt, therefore 57.5 each.

As far as I’m aware, the consoles have more HP per individual enemy compared to PC because consoles simply cannot have as many enemies alive at the same time as PC can. So its fatsharks way of making console difficulties harder without necessarily increasing numbers.

Last i checked (granted month or so ago) the numbers were accurate on PC.

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