Damage Dealt as Client is Extremely Inaccurate

While playing with my GF, who always does the hosting when we play together, I noticed something very unusual: at the end of a map, I had 400+ kills as Bardin with only 1800 damage, while my GF had 300ish kills with 10,000+.

Then, this morning, I hosted some games (she’s at work), and after a run on The Pit, I had 15k damage dealt, but then the Bardin was wondering why his damage was so low — the number he reported wasn’t even half of what mine did!

I don’t have any logs at the moment, but I’ll edit once I do.

Side note: we both had Bestiary installed, and I don’t touch the damage dealt function for recording stats, so I don’t think it’s the case of a mod screwing things up.


yea, people on my discord have been complaining about this. The stats have always been a bit funky though. My wife and I would both take a screenshot of the scoreboard and nearly every stat would be different for us. This was happening even before this beta.

I’m a bit late, but I can also confirm this, take a look at the images bellow taken from the same game, 1 from a client and 1 from a host. The overall damage shown is lower on the client’s side. I’ve noticed this happening after patch 1.2 rolled out.

Issues has been seen since launch, like other report, but it’s been really wonky since 1.2. Host numbers seem to be correct but certain numbers as off-host are always off in my experience.

Have noticed this since 1.2. Especially with Bardin Ranger and IB. I guessed that it had something to do with crit though. Regardless, the numbers are for Kruber Hunter are under reported as well. Will screenshot next time.

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