Bile troll health bar visual bug

Playing on, when bile trolls are brought down to half health, the health bar will fill up again making it look like it’s at full health (even though it is at half).
This has happened consistently with every troll I encountered.
In the clips I have of it, I am playing as client, with ping of around 50.
All clips are on legend.


Yea it’s an issue that only clients have, the health bar works as normal for the host.

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Can confirm this is also present on champ. Reproduced it as a client, host indicated they were aware of the issue but not sure if they actually saw it happen.

The bug doesn’t seem to happen when playing as host.

Giving this my +1. Was doing duo ranked Weave with a friend and had this happen for me as a client. The troll appeared to heal back to full three times in my game, which my friend pointed out was not the case for him, the host. Quite bs, if I do say so myself.

This is happing so often that I thought this was a feature. Kinda glad it isn’t, I like to know how low a boss is.

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