More issues with bile troll health bar

Was playing FOW last night, instead of getting phased at half health, the bile trolls health bar went immediately back to full. After regaining full health, we could then kill him like any normal monster (he no longer had any phases afterword’s, regardless of his health and if he regen’d).

console-2021-06-13-02.47.08-e8430a5c-c78a-41c0-8495-2f159e73e302.log (3.7 MB)

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Yeah man sometimes it works properly, but most of the time the health bar yoyo’s up and down like a wh0re’s drawers.


When hosting, the health bar works as intended.
When playing as client, the troll’s max HP bar goes back to filling 100% of the HP bar instead of capping its HP where they actually are.
This is a visual bug only.

For instance, a Cata Troll has 3000 health. After his half HP phase, and provided all his orange downed state health was depleted, the host will see the bar like
[current HP in red = 1200 or whatever] / [current Max HP = 1500, or half of the total initial bar] / [initial max HP = 3000]
while client will see
[current HP in red = 1200 or whatever] / [current max HP = 1500 but filling the entire bar like if it were his initial max HP]
The client’s version is scaled to the entire bar so the Troll’s current 1200 / 1500 / 3000 look like 2400 / 3000
I’m sure a clip would be infinitely clearer but I have none at the moment.

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