Chaos Wastes Bile Troll HP Bar bug (Twitch Clip attached)

  • Playing Cata Chaos Wastes
  • Get a Bile Troll from a chest
  • After the downed phase the Bile Troll got up
  • His HP Bar looked like he was restoring to full HP for a split second
  • Judging from the Clip a few of the Bar’s visuals jumped to the right?
  • Shortly before killing him pretty much the same happend, but this time for longer
  • The Bar just slid left and right
  • His actual HP was fine, just the visuals were bugged out

→ Here’s the clip when it happened

→ Also here’s the time of the clip in the full VOD.

This is the Blood God’s Fury aura from the Khorne buffed CWs doubling the Troll hp, and then moving out of range again which brings it back down etc.
It’s hp really is constantly jumping up and down like that.

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