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The score board in chaos wastes often misrepresents what was actually done. I am not going to include a log because I know you already know of this problem. Please fix it. Thank you.

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Isn’t that issue linked to some people using the Scoreboard Tweaks mod and others not ?

@Wulrik, do you use the Scoreboard Tweaks mod?

Could you please provide any details of what exactly is misrepresented and incorrect in the Chaos Wastes scoreboard?

Different fellow here, hello!

I´m still seeing the ongoing case of stats bugging out completely for host vs clients a lot when scoreboards tweaks is involved. For instance the damage done number will display around but usually below 10k but the actual amount done can be anything from 20k to 100k

I´d take a leap of faith and assume OP is talking about that?

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Yes I can confirm that.
As a host and using Scoreboard Tweaks, I see all the correct stats, but my friend not using it only sees the total for the last map we played (I assume) ; meaning I see his damage at 35k for instance and he only sees 6k.


Ahhh. I believe this is something that would need to be solved by the mod author. I recommend communicating with the author via the mods Steam Workshop page.

We do have a ticket logged in our database though, which needs a discussion. So, I’ll update it with the info provided here, just in case anything needs to happen our end.

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theres also a bug in the player killfeed, for example when shade ults with lightning and deletes bunch of elites, the killfeed sometimes goes haywire and claims the kills were made by people who were barely in the vicinity.

Is this related to the killfeed tweaks mod by any chance ? I’m using it and haven’t noticed this kind of behaviour - except maybe the trollhammer dealing damage as a barrel and not giving Bardin the credit but 1- that was a while ago and it could very well have been fixed ; and 2- who cares who kills what except for green-circle-thirsty people ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : thinking about it it could be nice for those boons that proc “on armoured kill” or “on elite kill”…
Is it a kill attribution bug or a killfeed bug ? How does it interact with those boons ? How does the Crosshair kill confirmation mod show the kill attribution ? This should be an entirely new topic.

This is exactly what im talking about. I do not use mods, so we can rule that one out. Appreciate you explaining it for me!

Frostysir did a good job of explaining it, spot on actually. I dont use mods either so something else must be affecting it.

Thanks for the replies! And apologies for sounding so short in my original post! Seeing my numbers for the whole run is one of the things that makes the game enjoyable for me!

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Sorry i´ll be a bit on an arse here but, if a host mod is messing things up for the clients then that mod should lose it´s “approved” status until it doesnt do that. And even if this case pertains the not important for gameplay scoreboard i am fairly sure that logic still applies and that´s on your end.

Just looking away while your players are adversely affected, even if not much, is lazy : (

I hear you! Don’t get me wrong, we won’t just look away and I’ve passed all of this info on to our developers to discuss and investigate. I can’t speak to sanctioned mod decisions, but if the issue requires a code fix our end then we’ll do it.

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