Chaos Waste scoreboard not recording some players

Happened with shade and pyro on legend and cata over five times now in the last month. Scoreboard somehow doesn’t reflect game for one unlucky player. Could be a connection drop and reset issue? But I thought some time ago that was accounted for?
One waste run I did solo as shade ended with bots having hundreds of kills… and me having 12 in a whole legend run. And one I just played again as shade with some folks ended as if not to record any of the levels prior to the end one, as if disconnected and reconnected just to kill score lol. I got sod all boss damage after killing 3 bosses with a javelin at full crit. One run as pyro ended with 40 kills on a solo run- with extra hordes on first level. Once or twice I coulda blamed on ping issues- perhaps was so bad that the game was showing death animations from 3 seconds ahead of me or something, but so many times. And now happened as host and on low ping. And I don’t think it’s hackers because I’ve played with some of the randos before and they’re good players. So aye, it’s an issue. A kick in the teeth at the end of over an hour’s run. When it happened playing the new elf, dying in the citadel and somehow getting there on 24 kills out of 10198402740743834 lololol… if that’s the case new elf underpowered hahahahahaha!

Just on the note, is something changing over at FS? Because the game’s been increasingly unstable for some of us since last few patches.

In case they’ll be of any use, here’s my last game’s console log and the last crash log I have from a couple days ago. Though I have noticed when closing game sometimes a cmd window opens behind for a second, black panel, then disappears.

console-2021-10-02-17.38.58-add284c1-5c5b-4a52-8eb6-a4db7c5c36d7.log (3.6 MB)
crash_dump-2021-09-26-12.04.36-a9487d04-3423-4989-8e8a-a1efc5ca3f02.dmp (677.6 KB)

Its been a while but if it am not mistaken then chaos wastes scoreboard bugging out has something to do with the “Scoreboard tweaks” mod.

Its a bug that has been around since CW launch.

I haven’t been using mods of late… even the needed ones, just because of the insane instability of the game… don’t wanna give it more reasons to bug out.

It would be nice if that was all it took, wouldn’t it? But alas, the bug can still occur as long as you’re playing as client to an host that has the mod.

But that doesnt explain why the scoreboard bugs in solo games though, i cant make sense of that.

perhaps, since I’ve had that mod in the past, just not on any recent updates, there’s a residual file causing bother somewhere? But then I don’t even have the mod framework on now, just 0 mods and have done multiple fresh installs and moves to different drives since.

Might just really be a bug with the scoreboard that has been sorta “hidden” by the more obvious mod-caused one.

Layered bugs, they are evolving o-O

As far as I know, (I’m using scoreboard tweaks, but I know it happens without) the scoreboard for clients only shows the stats for the last mission. Host sees complete stats for all players. At times, client scoreboards shows overall stats for host only.

That’s what i thought the scoreboard tweaks bug was about, and it fits to a degree in this scenario, but, that still doesnt explain why it can bug for the host playing solo.

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