Chaos Wastes Downed Player Leaves, Bot Revives, Next Level Has Doubled Monster

Okay, I’m going to be as inclusive as possible of the details that seem most likely to be relevant. I just (0300-0330 CEST on 31 December, I’m Starbelly Geek on Steam) finished a Legend run in Chaos Wastes on PC in which the following occurred:
On Slaughter Bay, Nurgle poison gas curse, right before the event (arena in this configuration), we opened a chest of trials and got an Illusionist Rampart minotaur. We were poorly positioned in general with obstacles around, and it went bad. When three players were downed, and the host was trying to survive, one of the downed players (warrior priest) left or disconnected, and after a moment was replaced with a ranger veteran bot that was up and had nearly full health. The bot somehow managed to taken down the illusions that I guess were all that was left after the elf died. At any rate, the minotaur and its copies suddenly went away. Bot revived me (grail knight with vaul’s anvil, so I was counted as blocking while downed, and lasted a while).
The bot and I went into the arena, where the other two had respawned. The other two went back for the chest (guess they found a jump that got them back out the entrance) while an ironbreaker joined and he and I were absolutely slaughtered by six (6) ratling gunners that descended on us. The elf got lightning crits, they came and got our respawns, and we proceeded out of the level.
We then do a Shrine of Harmony. Then:
Next level is Bel’sha’ziir’s Mine. Nurgle Miasma curse. We get down to the bottom of the scaffolding to find a chest of trials, storm fiend, ledged fairly quickly. Then we advance into the level, a beastman horde starts, and we hit the trigger around the bridge and get a Chaos Spawn. But it’s actually two Chaos Spawns. No kidding, two. We’re completely unprepared for this, there’s a blighstormer messing with us, and everyone’s separated form the purifying torch and taken down in detail. Sad trombone.

But I think it started to be off with the person leaving and the bot coming in with some sort of semi-invulnerability to the illusionist minotaur. I’m not convinced that the bot actually defeated the monster - the timer ran on the chest of trials, and within a minute no more monsters. I don’t know what happened with those ratling gunners, but maybe as a fourth location that’s scripted or something in that arena, or maybe the two players going backwards confused the AI Director. Then two Chaos Spawns without anything that should prompt for that sort of thing, such as twitch voting. Something went haywire. I’m not sure what.

It was fun, though. :slight_smile:

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