Average Damage Taken in games with and without WoM DLC

So I keep entering games where I’ll find someone with the WoM DLC and this afternoon I tried and experiment. I played 10 games with the DLC and 10 games without the DLC installed to see what the average damage taken would be, where average damage is whole team (All team damage divided by 4, added up and divided by 10). I play on Legend (I won’t go near Cata until they fix beastmen) I played all the games with my close-knit gaming group (we all have strats and tactics) and while not everyone I played the game with was the same player, we all have roughly the same skill level and ideas on how to play.

The difference is staggering.

I want to preface this by saying I’m sure the beastmen are a good addition, but the way they are implemented and still broken makes the game virtually unplayable to the point where we didn’t win a single game with the DLC installed playing QP. Playing without DLC installed, we won 7 out of the 10 on Legend.

Average Damage W/O DLC: 541.1
Average Damage With DLC: 998.3

I know what the issues are. I know that plenty of people have been complaining about Beastmen (except for the most hardcore of hardcore players who seem to think nothing is wrong). No backstab sounds or backstab sounds coming in AS the backstab is landing (reaction time inhumanly fast), BS hitboxes and attacks, and we got jumped by a patrol with no sound. I know it’s all the same things people have been complaining about, but I think if these things were fixed, it might bring the game back to a decent balance.

Beastmen are a problem, and the game is unplayable with the DLC installed by my standards. I actually have gotten to the point where I quit out of QP joined matches if I see a single beastman. I don’t think that’s what FatShark had intended in their DLC release, but that’s just what I do, because it isn’t fun to always lose without fail.


I tried this as well, I dont have numbers but things go noticeably smoother without beastmen for me too. I just unchecked WOM from the steam launch page and hosted some games to ensure they didn’t spawn. I think its actually a very smart move until beastmen get the polish they need to fit in better. Though I do miss them to be honest, but dont miss the silent spawns, lack of audio and animation cues ect ect…

Also as a note you can still use the new weapons you’ve crafted if you disable the DLC.

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