What are the differences between pc and xbone?

So, this is not a PC hate post its a genuine question. I’ve always believed in letting people play on whatever platform makes them happy. For me it is xbox, its what I started on and what I enjoy but I recently got a little inpatient for the engi and a friend let me try him out on PC. I was using a controller on the pc version cuz mouse and keyboard is just weird to me. Here comes the problem…the PC version missions are FREAKISHLY easy. I’ve always been a veteran champion guy cuz om not the best player. Rarely legend and never cata but on PC…even using a controller still the enemies feel like they are made of tissue paper, not as dence…its just…legend feels like champion and I even dipped my toe into cata and did just fine. Is the different in between versions THAT pronounced? What did they change? I even tried switching back to RV to see if the class was just that OP but…no the game is just…easier…

The typical low tier horde enemies have a lot more hp on consoles, which means you will clear out hordes much faster. Sure there are more of them on PC (slight difference on chaos, bigger difference on skaven numbers) but that’s likely not much of an issue to you.
I don’t know of any HP differences on elites and specials, but if there are any they’re likely not very noticeable.

HP on PS4 for legend is a marked difference.
Gun rats 43.25
Hookrat 90.5
Stormvermin 57.5
Chaos Warrior 165.5
Mauler 108
Gas rats/Wizards ~72 (+/- .25)
Assassin ~43
Berserkers ~65

That sounds like a 10% increase across the board, how did you find out those numbers?

The game got significantly easier on PC after the last BBB boosted loads of weapons to S+ Tier so you’re right. Legend is the new Champion.

Has console gotten the BBB patch yet?

Edit: Looks like the answer is no? This explains a lot. Console is playing on old weapon balance, apparently.

yeah Sienna Mace and Swiftbow are extremely overpowered now

PS4 has gotten the BBB update when GK was released. Xbox receives updates first so I imagine they are likewise playing on BBB balance.

Kill 4 enemies of the same enemy in a game and then die. By only damaging and killing those 4 one can take the damage dealt and divide by 4 to determine exact HP of a certain enemy. With specials it is harder to kill 4 of the same and that’s why I have a margin of error for exactness for some of them.

Ah, I missed that. Was a little unsure. We do have engineer patch which cooked some things, but not sure how that’s changed our balance.

The BBB hasn’t made console super easy? Wild. Can’t imagine why that is

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