I hope the console ports succedes

Yet I am left with an ever gnawing question, will PC players be forgotten? Will updates and patches take longer to dispatch? Will PC players have a longer downtime? Will all Focus be spent on console ports, thus ignoring PC issues?

I don’t want this to be like Vermintide 1 all over again, I don’t want to wait forever, just to receive critical fixes and patches.

It already feels like this

What ? I never felt forgotten on Vermintide 1…

Exactly, now with their focus on the console ports, it might get worse.

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We’ll just have to wait and see. They’ve still been putting out patches (albeit not very big ones for the last couple).

Maybe they’re gonna prioritize xbone through its launch before tackling issues again, since I’d imagine the two environments will share a lot of broken things.

I recon you will see dedicated servers shortly after the Xbox launch on PC. I think MS will be spinning them up for them as part of this gamepass deal they have got. All they will have to fix after that, that is really major is
the crashes, I hope.

How is it balanced, I take it legend on consoles is like recruit on PC? Dunno how they could survive otherwise being casuals with controllers locked to 60fps.

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60 fps? That’s very optimistic.


I mean, to be fair, any future patches will release on PC first. And they’re likely to share the same bugs, so I’m trying to stay optimistic.

Yeah get ready for the forum to be inundated with bs, unless they make a different section for console entirely. KBM and controller balance are worlds apart and always will be.