Anything new about consoles?

Hi there FS is there anything new you can tell us about a console release ?
Tbh i dont mind the current state of the game that much for me it looks fun and i know its gone be great when you keep working on it ! i just wanna get into it with my friends on xbox :slight_smile: i see that backlash youre facing by alot of people but theres also a lot of ppl who just wanna slay some heretics !

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Myself included.

Looks like the SOON™️ meme dose not died just migrated to console

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They post-poned it because we all in the forums and on Discord asked them to “fix” the game up first. And it was a good call, by the looks of it. The changes already make the game better.

In Vermintide 2 they focussed on the console release and the game temporarily died for around 6 or so months. I’m glad they made the sensible call this time around.

Better question: Why do you want to play on Console anyway? Aside from the potential couch coop (will that even be a thing?) you are looking forward to a version of the game with a much lower playerbase, pretty early on dropped support and no updates.
It doesn’t make sense.

cause i like playing on console i dont mind a smaller player base and all that . i played on pc for many years but since some years i switched to console and now i just prefer it

Honestly, the game probably needs at least 1 more major update before it’s ready enough to receive a good reception for it’s console release. Kinda hard to tell how long that would be though. I could see console port coming out almost any month this year. Really just depends.

The last times they actually had extra content lined up and developed while working on the console release. So it would be
Launch → 6 months of silence → Console Launch + Content Update for PC

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