Stop Complaining PC Players

Console players have worse controls, no mods, and more HP on most enemies.

Every single time you cry for a nerf and fatshark listens, people drop out of this game on Console because YOU are making it so much HARDER.

Ranged combat is harder, our meta is different, and EVERY time they nerf a career, it increases failure rate exponentially.

I’m sure fatshark knows this.

I played on my buddies’ very high end PC and the game was a CAKEWALK on legend compared to console.

Please CHILL. Lol.


Fatshark shouldn’t be merging our balance with console in the first place, idk why they do

It’s a them problem, not us


I totally get that, its just SO frustrating.

They do not run two different games.

Due to the higher HP on hordes ( yes, they are smaller, but tougher ), horde clear stats and weapons are a big priority on console.

This means many folks choose more horde clear careers and run infantry stats.

This ALSO makes elites harder to kill.

Even m/kb doesn’t really tune the game appropriately.

Cata is a rarity on Xbox, and really only the VERY best ever do it.

Legend is less popular than champion and often times most of your lobbies will have 1-2 bots.

I really hope Darktide will be managed better, because the balance between PC and Console is dramatically different


But they are - you said it yourself - the balance is different on console therefore that is essentially a different game which runs and feels differently. If FS thought they could get away without doing so than they should have hired better cross platform gamedev experts who should’ve told them otherwise. If they cannot manage separate balance patched for all the different brands of their game, well bad for them.

You also said it yourself - PC game is a cakewalk, so why shouldn’t we - the PC players - talk about PC game balance on the PC VT2 forums? Maybe worth raising this issue with FS in the console forums? (not being a jerk - don’t read it that way please)


Don’t tell me what to do.

If only. They don’t even read this forum. Their efforts are concentrated on Darktide.

There have been a lot more buffs than nerfs recently.

No one complains about legend besides reddit and apparently now console players.


They clearly do, though, due to inferior system, they had to reduce the numbers of enemies and change some stats accordingly.

If they balance around console the game would become too easy and boring on PC. Look at Destiny, Halo and GoW.

Maybe make the switch to PC and stop letting them rip you off with consoles, which have controls that feel like you’re sailing a ship in FPS games. :woman_shrugging:

I think the balance that we got atm at console is totally fine not to easy like pc but challenging and fair I would not want it easier or harder that’s not just my opinion I got a lot of ppl I play this game with and nobody thinks it’s bad balancing I think fs is doin fine atm

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Maybe they should just balance both accordingly.

I have a PC, but most of my friends play console.

I used to be a “get a pc scrub” gamer in my 20s, but honestly it isn’t a big deal.

The game on console isn’t easier than PC at all.

If they are going to release on multiple platforms, they should adjust for those platforms.

It was a good idea to increase HP on hordes/elites, but its incredibly frustrating that the equip stats don’t reflect that.

Block canceling is alot harder on console. So hard that using things like the halberd feels like a chore rather than fun.

The idea is to make a fun game on the platform you are releasing the game on. The PC patches applied to console are a continuous assault on the fun of the game.

Its worse than playing dark souls 3 the balance is so bad.

Unless someone is running a m/kb ( I usually do ), no one touches huntsman/whc/bolt staff.

Its infuriating. The automatic aim assist will kill you more than it will help you. It doesn’t increase the size of hitbox weak points, it just strafes to the nearest enemy ( lol )

Because the rendering difference is worse on console, things like blightstormers are usually simply unhittable on maps like Festering Ground , Warcamp, Engines of War.

Its STILL a fun game imo, but I’m an experienced gamer with alot of skill in these types of games.

For most players on console, Legend has become consistently unbeatable because MOST of the balance is ported from PC without weapon updates/equipment stat balancing for console

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I hear you. I just think it makes the community shrink to a large degree.

I can beat legend with close to 100% success with bots, less so with cata.

Most of the players on legend are just failsauce over and over again because most of them just pick tanks and can’t break specials at a distance

Well but I think those ppl are just not ready for legend yet I don’t like the idea of nerfing the game when there are different difficulties the ppl can pick from but that’s my opinion

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Wtf man ds3 is a wonderful game we’re the combat is really nice and the game feels always fair and balanced one of the few things I could think of that would need balance there would be a dark build with a lothric knight straight sword xD but that’s pretty off topic

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Preferrably, but not likely. It takes them too long to do anything, so if it caused bugs on one, they would go unfixed for ages.

No, just stop wasting your money, and helping a predatory market.

Whaaaat? I used a controller to play DS3.

Third person melee games platformers and maybe a few other casual games are fun with controllers, most other things are like sailing a ship on your own.

I thought they would have balanced around controllers for sure. It’s kind of crazy that they haven’t.

The only time I tried controller, I had the third person mod on and was playing Unchained with Conflag/Mace (for survival), and still couldn’t manage anything. That was normal Cata.

If they really haven’t made it easier for console it seems a bit immoral to sell it. Cata especially.

Ya. Its actually rather easy to test with the amount of information available to PC players.

All of the breakpoints are different ( aside specials ) because of the HP increase.

The only notable difference are the size of hordes, which also have increased hp.

The increase isn’t double, but the breakpoints are double in most cases for hordes bc the weapon damage is the same.

The result is that most serious cata players have to build for hordes and play it slow on elites ( which spawn at the same rate )



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Well yeah obviously they should not mix pc and console changes in the first place.

Seems to not differ much from pc then.

Specials on console have more HP than on PC.
From my personal testing:
Gun/flame rats have 43.25
Hookrats have 90-90.5
Assassins have 42.5-43.25 (and they deal more damage on console because of frame rate)
Wizards and globadiers have 71.5-72.25

Elites have more health as well
165.5 for Chaos Warriors
108 for Maulers
57.5 for Stormvermin! You need 15% more power vs on console than PC to get a body shot breakpoint

Usually every enemy is about 10% more HP on console, and headshots are much, MUCH harder to pull off.

This does not add up though, especially not on legend.

The numbers you cited indicate that enemies have about 5 to 15 more health, this regarding stormvermin and chaos warriors. That in turn makes a statement about 15% vs more power needed on average seem really iffy. Especially considering there are weapons like daggers or exe hitting so hard they onehit enemies like stormvermin without any investment in stats on cata with a headshot.

Cata stormvermin have like …was it 85 health? On PC.

Now given that stormvermin is one of the most common higher health enemies you can encounter i honestly dont see how damage breakpoints are affected much when the difference is 5 damage needed.

Instead i am more willing to accept the reasoning about the stronger hordes causes anti horde stuff to be more valuable but that in turn makes anti elite stuff less popular. Which in turn leads to encounters with larger number of them to be more difficult.

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On console enemies have more HP but weapons also deal more damage as a compensatory measure. As I understand it though, PC has higher headshot multipliers

You can see the different damage calculations in this guide Steam Community :: Guide :: Hero Power, Buff Stacking, Cleave, Stagger

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the consoles have limitations that pc doesnt have. the xbox one or ps4 dont have the cpu or gpu power to run the game with 100 enemies on the screen at the same time, so fatshark need to use other means like thinner hordes and less enemies in general, but those enemies have more health and perhaps do more dmg.

do you think you would be able to play on legend difficulty in 30 fps with a ryzen 5 1600 and a gtx 1050 2gb (which is likely better specs than the xbox one) on medium settings or something?

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