Can't play Darktide with different xbox and MC store account

I have a couple of teenagers. We used Microsoft share feature that allows people to play games on up to 10 PCs on different xbox live accounts. It worked like a charm since we didn’t have to buy 3 game passes or 3 copies of Darktide. I was hoping it would be fixed after the latest patch but it isn’t. Now we are greeted with a message saying that we are logged in different accounts and can’t buy microtransactions, after the message it just gives us Backend error message. Fatshark at it again with “great” changes.P.S. We are in third world country so its expensive to maintain 3 game passes or dish out more than a third of my paycheck for the game.

Windows 10 sharing policy

Games on Windows, regardless of whether they’re configured for Xbox Play Anywhere, are governed by specific licensing behavior for Windows apps. These terms affect both the installation and the ability to license—that is, concurrent execution—of the content. There are two main behavior profiles for paid content: Windows 10 default and restrictive licensing.

Following are the different licensing behaviors for sharing on Windows 10.


All accounts on up to 10 devices can launch the title concurrently.

Restrictive licensing:

  • Offline PC: All accounts on this device can launch the title.
  • Non-offline PC: The purchasing account must be signed in to the Microsoft Store app to launch the title, and only one instance of the title can be active at one time on all non-offline PCs.

They actually enforced restrictive licensing option and they are right now only one game along minecraft that does this. Its a scummy move for a halfbaked game. It’s not going to bring customers its going to avert them from this product.

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