But guys... emotes!

I realize that today’s update is an even larger middle finger to player agency, specifically surrounding blessings:

“When you surrender a weapon to Hadron, you will receive the Blessing from that weapon at its current tier. To get higher blessing tiers, you will need to find weapons with an improved tier on them and surrender those weapons to Hadron.”

Which translates to “even more RNG and grinding and farming in a game that has received outrageous amounts of backlash because of it,” but I think the real message here is emotes. Now, we can look forward to saying hello to fellows in the hub that we don’t know and won’t be playing with since they aren’t in our party.

At this point I just don’t even know what the logic is they’re using. What’s their end goal?

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Player retention through FOMO is the only thing I can really think of.

Literally just make a band aid solution to keep people hoping for their luck to break and get a good roll.

Honestly at this stage I’m tired of it and will probably stick it out till next update and then quit till the game either gets abandoned or gets a major drop of content.


Yeah… played a few rounds with friends today… we managed two out of five games to be games we actually wanted to play while also progressing on our weeklies… but I digress…

Half of the game is broken and they are making minor fixes and changes. . .

I wonder how much new emotes are gonna cost in the cash shop.

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I disagree with you.
This is not “more RNG”, it is the same that they said last week.
In my opinion, the communication has only 3 informations:

  • Changes to the amount of experience and currency earned on Side Missions
  • Changes to the Mission Board
  • Emotes (oh yeah!.. excuse me… no… i don’t care)

I think that this communication is a little empty. I have lot of questions, this one was not one ot them. For me it was obvious that it would be how it would work.

About emotes… I fully agree. That’s a waste of time… I could find them so many ways to spend it at really needed things (like fixes for all related bugs in the bug subforum… my Rashad axe await a fix :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

I mean, players ask for Emotes and Cosmetics and Dances and such.

I don’t get it myself why it’s so important to some, but players do ask for it.
Just look at any game when promotions happen, most talks is about customization. You can customize this, you can customize that and players seem to like it since that’s what people tend to focus on. From what I’ve seen ofc.

My hot take is that players focusing on customization have ruined games somewhat.

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If I see someone flossing in the hub my head is going to explode lol


If you’re getting technical, then no, the mechanism is not technically additional RNG, but the resulting behavior requires additional reliance on RNG – we need to not only farm [and hope] for specific blessings, but also tiers of blessings, per weapon type. Add this to everything being character-specific as opposed to account-specific, that is a LOT of RNG to rely on.

So, I maintain that this is additional RNG not necessarily in mechanisms, but in RNG time spent, and exponentially so.

press “f” to pay your respects. Quickly now, while the service is still alive.

Hey you’re right… this is catastrophic. We will only get weapons with bad perks and only crappy tier 1 blessing.
I don’t know what we can do… except stop playing. I don’t even know why I am on this forum…

This game is so crap… I don’t know how I could get so many weapons I can use with good blessings. But sure, it will stop with the update incoming cause it will add more restrictions…

You opened my eyes…

(or not)

To be fair a lot of the DRG players were requesting it. Like their rock and stone they wanted a “for the emperor” button. I don’t know how popular it was or hard to implement but I am indifferent on this.

I get that you’re all over the forums white-knighting this game, so I assume you have some sort of benefit for doing so, but clearly you are in the minority; why you’re acting oblivious to that is beyond me.

I’m not suggesting people don’t want it - I’m indifferent to emotes objectively too, but with the rest of the game seemingly in flames, why are emotes even on the list, let alone the top of it?

Unsure. Could be something a junior dev team works on. I just don’t think because it’s worked on necessarily means they’re deprioritizing other parts of the game. It could be. I just don’t have enough info to say one way or the other.

step 4


About emote?

About your feeling…
I don’t see what you want to say? do you want to say that you always follow the majority cause you can’t think by yourself? and so I should do like you and secretly keep what I think?
That’s sad…

Anyways… some readings about what I have always said…
I summarize for you. I have read before buying this game the informations here, so I perfectly knew what I have bought (see announcement forum with blog about crafting by example).
I have been upset when they did not deliver crafting as planned, and when they explained us that they have left for their holidays 2 weeks (which was more than 3 weeks without update) and when the communication could summarize to “Next week”. But, as I read before buying it on steam, I have no problem with the crafting system as I can perfectly play with it.
My problem is actually that I would like that they deliver it… now I would want it… 2 months late Fatshark… so I really hope it won’t be the return of “next week”…

Now… several of my posts:

Ah, and the insults begin, followed up with links to your other posts insulting other people whom you disagree with; I don’t think this is the flex you think it is.


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No insult guy…
That was just a joke cause you strongly suggest that only, what you call “the majority”, should be able to express their opinion.
Also, you are totally wrong…

I don’t defend Fatshark, and you can see in the posts I quoted… but the crafting system they will deploy tomorrow is enough good for me.
I have bought the game after the release. I had already seen that would be crafting as I have read the blog here on the forum.
So why I say that I have no problem with this system? cause I clearly have no problem with this system.

Anyways, thread is about emotes.
And about emotes, as I said, I don’t think it was a priority when we see how many bugs have been reported and not fixed.