Bug report and QoL asking: The game would randomly "Forget" the toggle to crouch/run setting despite having them turn on, game takes FOREVER to load on HDD, and Ping takes too long to fade away

The title says it all. About the bug, I do not know did it happen, probably because I was alt-tabbing into another app and trigger this phenomenon. The loading time, my Emperor it is so damn long. I’m no rich to afford a 1 TB SSD, but it feels so wrong when my game can load Cyberpunk 2077 in less than 2 minutes after the initial start, while in DT, it would require almost 5 whole damn minutes from the first loading screen to the character choice, THEN ANOTHER LOADING to the lobby hub, then 2 MORE LOADING to finally get into the game. This is absurd, why do we have to wait to load our character, this is not a thing in Vermintide, as it happens flawlessly back there with no issue. Why is it here?
For the ping, I feel like they take forever to fade away. Like, when I ping the enemy here when a horde comes, even after we wiped them clean, the ping is still there and I have to awkwardly manually delete them. Could you set its existing timer down to like 5 or a maximum of 10 seconds maybe? That would be cool. Thank you for reading my ted talk

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The same thing happens to me, I think the biggest problem and what makes it more frustrating is those loading times for everything, I still can’t believe that it’s loading almost 5 or 6 real minutes just to enter the lobby and another 6 or 7 minutes to enter a game and sometimes it doesn’t even enter and many other times it disconnects for no reason

I really hope that they at least fix the serious disconnection problems since I have all the requirements to spare and it’s wrong but I repeat I can’t believe it takes so long to load everything and in other games that I have that are really heavy and really require power to loading many characters on a screen takes from 1 minute to 2 maximum

SSDs and HDDs are pretty similarly priced, now. The loading times are kind of silly even on an SSD, though.

my brother in christ, you spent $100 on two video games but can’t spend $50 on a 1tb ssd???

I bought CP from torrent