Anyone else experience WILDLY different loading times?

I started typing this after waiting nearly 5 full minutes to load into the hub.

Sometimes I load into the hub in 30 seconds or less (I literally timed it the other day cause I was preparing to be bored).

Other times it will randomly take FOREVER to load. Anyone notice this? I don’t see any pattern to it.

Thoughts? Theories?


Its 100% the game trying to sync everyone in the lobby. Sometimes you’re queued up with someone who has a rig powered by orc imagination, and get to sit in the shuttle for an age.


I know the wait in the shuttle can be player dependent. But I’m talking about loading into the Hub/Morningstar … that seems all over the place.

Yarp you’ll notice you just hang there and when you finally get in your missing at least one guy who has been replaced by a bot.

Loading times into the hub are consistent, but not times loading into games (or even game lobbies) which I assume is going to be connected with the network side of things.

Instaling the game in a SSD hugely improve the loading time.

Yes, since the last update. I have a fast SSD. Loading times since the last patch are highly variable. Both loading the Mourningstar and loading a level. Occasionally have to wait 2+ minutes.

Pretty sure it’s what the first reply said, just replace shuttle with hub.

Loading an actual map (the mourningstar) should be the same, it’s not like it’s a different code every time it loads.
The thing that IS variable is connecting to others through internet, even on dedicated servers. So my bet is on the connection is causing issue. Which is why I dislike the hub.

It have 0 purpose except causing issues. Have a hub based on groups than random people or if you’re solo you don’t connect to anyone except verifying with the servers.

Nah, its always like 5 minutes. 5 minute load times with a fast SSD in the year 2023. It’s garbage software.

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In missions in Vermintide 2 if another player joined while you were joining, it would force you to wait for that player before you both actually joined the match. This could chain, resulting in extremely long load times.

It’s an okay feature for a mission (and I’m 90% sure it applies to DT mission-joining too), but I’d be pretty disappointed to learn it applied to the hub.

Because yeah I’ve had some times where it felt like it took forever to get in there too. I always had the impression it was other weird connection problems with the server backend though, and hadn’t considered the (rather dire) possibility that maybe it’s the same “another player joined, we’ll have you wait for them” thing until just now.

It’s a little muddled because I often load with it alt-tabbed and some games are pretty bad about loading things at 100% speed in the background.

15 seconds to i think 4 minutes + was my maximun so far that i’ve had to wait. But yeah it varies a lot depending on the day, servers, players and whatever magical reasons.

Installing it on SSD does fuq all.

No SSD is going to improve this game’s optimization nor Fatshark’s shoddy backend.

Yes, the game attempts to load players at the same time. Due to the hardware differences and in-game settings like textures (this really increases loading times), you get different experiences. This was mentioned in the last patch and apparently something was done to smooth this out.