Whats with the load times in this game? Having to altF4 occasionally

This is only in regards to mission completion back to the mourningstar, or operative selection to the mourningstar.

The load times vary wildly from fast to so long I altF4 as I think something is wrong with the game.

Mission loading is smooth and consistent.

But I’m tired of having to altF4 after minutes of waiting.

My specs aren’t the issue here as loading into a mission is fine. But for those that are going to blame my specs and not the game, I am running an OC 13600k on a gen4 m2 drive that even has the little cooling pillows on the chip. 32gb of ram, DDR4 tho (sadface)

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I was explained why this is, and as far as I understand, load times to the mourningstar seem to actually “wait” on the other players in that same batch of people loading in. As in, if there’s a person with a toaster and mcdonalds wifi loading in, your game will wait on him to load in (if the timing is right). So you’ll sit in that 8 minute load screen with him. And this occurs even if he wasn’t in your mission.

Now why this is the case? No clue. Maybe they wanted people to spawn into the mourningstar together after a mission and this is the result.

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LOL that would be so bizarre if thats actually the case.

I can see that if its a premade/friends group, but randoms it should be independent.

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