Loading time and mourningstar

There should be more complains about the mourningstar hub where you loading for ages, this isn’t a ps4 game it’s atrocious having to load at 1-2mins + while changing operator > finishing a mission > quitting Psykhanium > quitting a lobby/mission/disconnection.

Spawning un bulk with other people at the same time shows me how early stage this hub is.
Nobody actualy interact with each other, nobody watch other people skins, isn’t it legitimate to ask for a solo/private hub to speed up things till this get fixed ?


The Loadingstar exposes me to 30-60 s of faith, but I have both a fast connection and a fast computer.

The fact that switching operatoras requires a reload is really bad, though. On the switching operators topic, it would be nice to be able to seamlessly switch on the initial mission team screen.


let all our operators run around the mourningstar as bots,
(take away player slots if that would cause trouble)

this way the character models are already loaded into your pc cache,
a game that allows to swap between bot controlled characters like ‘State of Decay 1&2’ practically eliminated loading times of this nature.

i also think that it would add to the atmosphere, effectively having known faces on the ship,
they could perform tasks to integrate better in the scenery, such as:
partaking in mission briefing, following an officer, playing cards or checking their gear.

Despite the gpu (1070) i’m the same, i can get those 1 min sometimes early in the day which is why i suspect the bulk loading depending on other people connection making the process way slower

Note that after release they added an option in the Esc menu to access the cash shop, doesn’t seems hard to do the same with the rest but i doubt this is the direction FS taking

Well the relationship with FS and bots is… not the best

So it’s not a priority for FS and the playerbase ?
Having inconsistant loading time which sometimes goes beyond 5 mins or end up with a crash is painful
The amount of time accumulated by loading alone because of some lobby itself adding nothing to the game is a problem huge enough to be a priority for me