Rename the Mourningstar to the Loadingstar, since it takes so damn long

I swear this tiny af map takes longer than even the longest mission.


Love the name idea.

I agree. One of the things with this game that drives me mad is the amount of time it takes to load into the morningstar. It’s like 1/50th the size of a game map, yet it takes just as long to load (for me like 30-50 seconds)…???

They really need to optimization the morningstar loading… It’s rediculous given how little time you spend there (load in, run for new mission, load out).

Waste of time…

i get in to the hub in like 35 to 55 seconds too it is a bit much and at the start of the game it takes longer
loding in to a match take a long time too :frowning: