Can the MourningStar F Off?

Can I just load into the mission screen from operative select or mission fail/completion?

Noone cares about this stupid hub where I see people I probably won’t queue with. Should be an option to solo join this ship, or bypass.

This isn’t an MMO, I only give a damn about people I queue with.

Doesn’t help the load times vary wildly for what I would assume is server issues.


How else are you going to see everyone’s sick MTX gear, and feel fomo though?

Yeah it’s stupid. It’s unacceptable we have the loadtimes we have, and a good deal of it is from mourningstar.

Would love for them to just make a typical menu system, but that’s not happening.


But then you can’t even look at all the beautiful skins, or at least have a look in the store to buy some yourself. Or visit the great weapon store where there’s so much useful stuff. Or customize your weapons according to your wishes at Hadron… How are you supposed to enjoy the game to the full?

So in case it’s not obvious: sarcasm over.


you can with a mod… that I use to avoid the morningstar (you can access all “shops”, change your layout, equipement and launch missions also)


If you’re talking about hub hotkeys that doesn’t stop you from loading into the damn thing in the first place which is the main issue.

If you aren’t then do go on.

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There is a mod that makes the mourning star load faster (dark cache I believe) but it causes issues with the premium store… Which I don’t use.

There’s also the one where you can access the stores from operative select. And hub hotkeys.

There’s probably a reason so many mods seek to circumvent it…

Honestly I would love a P2P version. Just let me deal with that.


No I talk about a mod where you have everything on the character screen
no load at all, except if you start a mission… but I think that’s how it is supposed to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You can even go to craft on a char, select an other, look at shop, open the inventory, change something, then go to an other char, check contract, change them, start a mission… all this without any loading screen.

Sorry, at work, can’t point to it.

You want this:


but maybe others dont want to queue with you?

This is the one I was pointing :wink:


I didn’t think of that, but yea thats probably why the system is the way it is.

So you can see someone else’s drip, get jelly, and go spend $$$.


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get the mod we pointed… and you won’t have to load the morningstar

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I’m reading this mod breaks NumericUI?

No - I use Psych ward with numeric UI and haven’t had issues.

Sometimes I notice that the text chat won’t work - and I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce the problem. But if you do load into the Morningstar after getting that glitch it fixes itself.

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I use both with no issues.

This mod is incredible and dramatically shortens load times. Only issue is you can’t queue with other people who are using it. Great for the average soloqueue though.

I don’t think this is true? I have three friends I play with all running the same mods as me. We just need to join up into a strike team from the social menu and one of us can then pick the mission. All from the character screen.


Can the Mourningstar at least be more like the Space Rig from Deep Rock Galactic? :pleading_face:


Maybe i need to update my version.

If you don’t load into the mourningstar and start a mission through the mod, you can’t see your teammates’ health and toughness numbers.