Option to Replace Ship w/ Menu

I’m not a huge fan of hub systems in games. It would be much easier for me to navigate to the missions, shops, meat grinder or other if it was given to me in a menu system. This would allow me to navigate without having to waste time moving around the ship. It would also improve the new player experience as it can be confusing trying to find things when you have to physically move you in game character. It could possibly reduce loading times which I think no one enjoys.

I’m sure there is some monetary reason behind it like seeing other people in cool premium skin swag and wanting to buy some yourself. But it would be nice to have the option to disable it. I’m sure there are also lore/story reasons as to why the ship exists but I find the story in this game (not 40k specifically) extremely lacking.

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But then you wouldn’t see all the cool cosmetics other people are wearing and compare them to the shitty crap you’re traipsing around in.

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Yeah it would be a huge improvement. Load times for the Morningstar or changing operatives are like up to 2 minutes without an SSD. That’s pretty unreasonable. It blows my mind because a mission will load a whole map in about half that time…

Load times are my main issue with the mourningstar. Swapping characters to check the shop takes way too long.