Mourningstar Spawn

Running from spawn point down the entire hall/map to get to the missions is obnoxious. I’m sure you want to have us appreciate the beauty of the ship, however as a single-mission runner most times, I find myself in the need to dodge lower level (and most likely lower geared) allies from higher-tier missions. Another loading screen of 45 seconds to get back to The Mourningstar, another 15 seconds of running and clicking on the missions tab and another negligible amount of time to try and find a mission again… I do not feel that WASTING 2 minutes every single time is good gameplay. Time adds up and many more people will soon become irritated with this same extremely tedious mechanic.

To solve this, please consider the following:

Please develop a menu mission screen that brings up missions through the Esc. button, Make a terminal for missions next to spawn in The Mourningstar, OR spawn us at the central terminal around it in a circle.


The point isn’t for us to appreciate the beauty of the ship, it’s to spend as much time looking at other’s cosmetics. That’s why there’s no keyboard shortcuts to any of the relevant menus.


… With that line of thinking, you can either be serious or one of the developers of this game… if you are both, this game will have longevity issues.

After seeing the cash shop and how scummy it is, a lot of the baffling decisions make a sad sort of sense if you look at it in a cynical sort of light. The RNG shop that resets on the hour, every hour to gather us in one place at one time. The RNG weapons and incrementally increasing cost RNG rolls on perks and no way to craft base weapons, all pushing us to constantly look at that shop. The FOMO cash shop right next to the RNG shop, and also on the path to and from every other place from the RNG shop.

Everything seems to have us all constantly coming back to and idling next to that cash shop constantly. Add in that there’s no reason to idle at any other place, so we’re either idling or doing missions that cycle the Mourningstar’s occupants (giving us the maximum exposure to as many people with their cosmetics as possible).

I could have probably wrote nearly all of those things off as design failures (which would be a whole different discussion), but it all lines up a little too well to be a mistake to my jaded mind.

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