Can the MourningStar F Off?

but then when you finish the mission you’re still forced to load into the hub, so it’s somewhat moot

Last time I whined about this it was before psyk ward updated to send you back to the Operative Select every game. Now I literally do not go there. When the game turned off my mods last hotfix I actually closed it and turned them back on. I have no reason to go there, all it gives me is loading time.

Complete waste of space/effort atm, one of the bigger boondoggles of the game.

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Not true anymore, psyk ward is the best mod in the entire game bar none. Sorry to all the other great mods out there but for giving me time back spent on this game actually playing it and not communicating with the Morningstar backend and hoping for no infinite loading garbage. No need ever again.

When a mod has me this angry that your hub experience exists, its an issue with the game. But at least we can finally fix it as of December last year.


Is there an option with it to load back into character select and not the hub? In my experience it just spits you back into the hub after your first mission, so map select without loading into the hub only happens one time, so it’s not really that fantastic.

edit- hm yah i see there was a dec28 update that added this. nice. I haven’t updated it to that version yet.

I check for mod updates more than game news. Because there are aways more developments on that front.

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The mod authors are also probably a lot more responsive to bug reports and patching than Fatshark itself is… hilarious given that they’re doing it as a hobby and FS employees get PAID because it’s their JOB…

fatshark bring back the red moon inn already also make it so i dont have to unload the map to select a different operative, literally make it like vermintide

@Jonboy and @Ralendil

Thanks for the mod recommendation. It works great for solo, and checking shops has never been more time efficient.

Unfortunately for my duos it requires someone to be within the psykarium at the very least meaning that one person will get the mourningstar loadscreen after mission leading to the still regular long re-queue times for parties, but having a lower chance to have someone get stuck on a long loadscreen still means its faster overall.

It’s possible I’m doing something wrong though.

Nevertheless, I thank you both for alerting me to the mod. It’s definitely huge a QoL increase.

A round of Nurgle Brew for my friend here!

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To Darkness! :beer:

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Nothing is perfect in this world… and surely not Fatshark.

What can we say…

  • we have to rely on a mod to play in third person view… this is THE feature that could help them to sell their cosmetics (so dumb move)
  • there could be more “shops”, but they don’t want to implement them… let’s say a shop to exchange diamantine / plasteels / ordos, a forge to ameliorate the crap that Brunt sold you, a shop to recolor your clothes, an holy place to get a red weapon

I could continue with everything they don’t fix in the game (contracts by example that are stupids)… but I won’t…

I will just show you my last outfit… special dedication to Fatshark (credits to for_the_drip mod for the recolor… :rofl: )

You don’t want to give us something valuable about cosmetics… I won’t help you to sell your sh*ts…


To be honest the idea itself isint terrible, make it an option to stay in a menu “lobby” or load into the mourningstar as you want would be really nice but…the way the post was titled and presented made me pretty much 100% hate the idea and the person posting it.

I’ve had issues with it myself. The first mission I load into, all teammate health/toughness values are just 000. Dropping into the meatgrinder for a hot second fixes it but it’s real annoying and I can’t be bothered to figure out why it’s happening.

You’ll be ok, I promise.

I laugh every time I see someone complaining about Spidey Sense, bemoaning it as a cheat when there’s actual mods that let you play 3rd person in an FPS effectively giving you eyes in the back of your head (short-sighted though they may be). The increased situational awareness third-person grants is more akin to cheating than being reliably notified about specialists that should have fecking audio cues…



Yea some mods are pushing it a little


Sooner or later we’re going to end up with Predator level HUD abilities.

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Can we agree that the Mourning Star is probably bottom 5 worst hubs of all time?

I’m thinking the hub from Anthem is worse. But I can’t think of any other ones as bad

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Try it… and you will see that… it has also bad points that make it less cheating and can get the game more difficult…


  • when there is wall just behind you (you will see the wall, and nothing else)
  • when you are in the dark (you don’t have any artificial light like you have in FPV)
  • Aiming heads is less easy (don’t know really why, fact is that I register more weak hits with FPV than in TPS. As I don’t use TPS for ranged, this is just in melee)

Saying using a TPS view is cheating is like saying that using a plasma gun in auric is cheating. In fact, something that everybody can use cannot be considered as cheating. And considering how easy is installing mods… mods are open to everybody with a PC
sorry for console players… but here… maybe we could say that using a keyboard and a mouse is cheating considering the fact they use a gamepad and get a massive handicap?

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I sure wish there were some other rooms and what not. They’ve got the elevators there. They’ve got a modeled out bar, hangar, strategium, and whatever Grendyl’s indoc room and Rannick’s office are called chilling in some files somewhere. Would be neat for those areas to open as we level up and first see them in the cutscenes.

Writing this and thinking about it, I feel like this was probably the initial idea but it got cut due to time constraints. Sadness. Hopefully, it gets stuffed in as an afterthought at some point.


Plasma guns are an intended design choice and don’t alter the function of the game, mate…

You’re making a bad faith argument to begin with since by the very nature of mods you’re already creating an instance in which the game is not functioning as designed.

If you can’t see why your statement is just digging you a bigger hole, I don’t know a better way to elucidate your backward thinking…

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