Loading times?

I am on a SSD and the loding time seam to do Long is this just the game or is there some thing else going on?
what can be done to shorten this as it is REALLY anoying at time’s

sould i move it to the Nvme SSD to see if that help’s ? as i am geting sick of the loading times

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anyone know how to fix this

Loading into the hub does feel a bit slow, but loading into a mission can be really slow if a teammate is using a HDD.

Load times seem to be getting worse if that is possible, on an NVME SSD here and often get super long load times

I think the loading time is not only bare system power, it also depends on some online parts which seems depending on server load. If I start the game in the morning my load times seems much quicker than in the prime time.

I believe loading times have more to do with connection once you’re in the hub. When I’m initially loading into the hub it can take upwards of 2 minutes for me (HDD) but getting into missions is almost immediate. The ready check screen takes longer most times.