Long Loading Times

I’ve been timing some loading times because I felt like it took a long time just to enter the game.
From start launch to in game character selection it took on average 3 mins and 15 sec.(and the character models wasn’t even showing yet) From there and into the game about another 3 min 30 sec. so its a good 6 mins to get into the game after choosing a character. However if I launch the game a second time its much faster. Like 30 secs each. How can I improve this? I feel like its on my end. I have a medium strong pc.

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What are your machine’s specs? If you’re running a low amount of RAM and/or running on a HDD and not an SSD, those are likely contributing.

i personally don’t have an SSD yet but I can say with running a nvidea 1080 I used the image scaling and noticed a rather steep improvement on loading times, that being said I still suffer from bad fsp and stuttering for 30 seconds to several minutes when i jump into a game in-progress.

I’m not sure if I’m getting more impatient (too used to fast-loading games?) but I find the loading times insufferably long.

The game is installed on a Sabrent Rocket Q NVME, maybe I should move it to the Samsung Evo but if it already feels slow on one m.2 moving it to a slightly better one is unlikely to be night and day when everyone else I know seems to have similarly long load times.

My system is a 5900X, 32gb DDR4, 6700XT and both drives are NVME m.2

The game mostly runs fine, some FPS drops and I’d rather see a more stable 120+ fps than I get… but it’s fine… however loading times feel like I should go make coffee for every loading screen, or at least put the kettle on.

i am on a SSD too and the loding times are silly for a SSD
i was thinking of moveing it to a NVMe drive i have but was tould by a friend that use one theye is hardly any diff :frowning:

there is very long loading times with a sata sdd
don’t use a hard drive
really fast nvme sdd’s do nothing for loading times in games because of software limitations