Long Load Times for HDD users?

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I’m currently playing using a HDD, which for the most part is getting by with what I need. I know SSDs are generally faster, but I was able to clock in over 1,000 hours in Vermintide 2 with decent load times and occasional audio bugs. However with Darktide it feels far more mandatory to upgrade to a SSD if I want to do ANY kind of loading whether it be sounds, music, cutscene audio sync and even level transitions.

Attempted Solutions:
Closing background programs, freeing up disk space, modifying ‘in-depth’ windows options, full PC restart.


PC Specifications:
Windows 10
Intel i7 10700k 10th Gen
Nvidia MSI RTX 3070 8GB VRAM
Seagate Barracuda 2 Terabyte HDD
16GB Crosair Vengance RAM
MSI Z490-a PRO Motherboard

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Honestly don’t use a hdd for anything except mass storage of data, buy a sata ssd for the operating system and programs.

Is there any chance that the longer loading times are related to your teammates being on slower hardware, or is the load issue just in general? Bear in mind that a lot of loading requires the backend to respond, so if the session server is slow to get you into the hub it’s not going to matter how speedy your storage is.

Fatshark is defo handling loading differently this time around, do you happen to know if loading is much more dependent on server sessions now vs loading into something like Taal’s Keep? Stretch question I know, but it would explain a LOT.

Considering the new hub now has other players, it’s almost certainly server based and not p2p.

My friend has the game on his HDD and has a decent system, about as decent as mine, maybe a bit nicer but he takes about 2x-3x the time to get in the game as I do. I run mine on M.2 NVMe.

Good to know I’m not the only one. Hopefully a hardware survey is conducted and slight optimizations are made HDD users. I’m probably going to have to upgrade anyways since the outlook for the future seems very SSD based.

the past 10+ years have been ssd based


Considering the minimum specs have been saying it should be installed on an SSD I doubt they will do anything for HDD users.

My son and I have the exact same system and have the game on a external hard drive. My game loads fast with no issues but my son’s loads slow. All our settings are the same and the systems are only 6 months old. No clue what is causing one to load so much slower than the other one. Have went through and verified files, made sure all drivers are up-to-date, run optimization, and error checks. Everything checks out. Not sure the cause.

You said you have the same hardware. Do you also have the same external drive? Are the external drives plugged in the same port? Sounds to me like you’re using USB 3 and your son uses USB 2. Many motherboards have a couple USB 3 ports but also USB 2 for mouse/keyboard…