Okay, but Loading Times

These loading times are insane. I played Vermintide 1 & 2 and had no problem. In loading up to play a single game of Darktide, I’ve had enough time to finish a cocktail, make a second cocktail, google “loading time” problems for Darktide, make a login to the Fatshark forums and confirm it, and post this. I’m not sure if I’m past 5 minutes and going on 10 minutes to load this single level, but it sure feels like it. I have played other games of Darktide where I loaded right in, since they were in progress.

I have a “gaming laptop” I bought in winter 2021. It runs new games, normally, on HQ and amazingly.

Anyway. Still waiting, watching a black screen that’s been popping up with Steam alerts about what my Steam friends are doing.

EDIT: Closing the game and restarting it got me to load right in. Which makes me think you have some hanging pointer problems over there, ObeseOceanPredators…



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The loading is what gets me too. Not just into the game, or into a mission, but visiting the shop as well. Takes about a minute to load the shop from engaging with the menu.

And I have a pretty decent gaming rig with good connection.

We’ve made it a rule that we clean the house while in loading and our house has never been cleaner.

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Loading times are weird, they can be quick or tediously long and I can’t see much significant note worthy high load data transfers happening in the background. Which kind of has me wonder how much of it, is loading data on our system and how much of it is connecting 4 players to the dedicated Amazons Cloud service and getting a host/session going.

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Oh yeah, this is definitely an issue for me too, but how inconsistent! I can play in a premade and get loading times close-ish to HDD Vermintide 2, but other times it’s up to 5 actual minutes (sat there with a stopwatch). I wonder if it’s a mix of people running the game off HDDs and Fatshark not quite having grasped the dedicated servers tech.

When you begin a game from scratch, all the players need to load before the mission begins.
Doesn’t matter your machine, lowest denominator etc.

When you join a game in progress, sync with the server happens.
When you load into the hall, some sync and connect to a an instance with probably lower priority than missions.

These last 2 could sure be better but it mostly seems to come from the negotiation between server and client.

The game just launched, theses things get smoothed out slowly.
Vermintide 2 got wayyyy better with time just for loading times (eh and character switch where Darktide forcing you to load into each char to see their shop is plain awful).

Also, if you really have time to do all that, then your machine does have a problem.