So many loading screens

I have a monster of a PC and I easily spend 2min in loading screens. I crash, I get a good 4min before I reconnect. 2 loading screens.

It overall feels like a loading screen mania between the moment I press “Play DT” and the moment I’m actually in game.

Not having any shortcut for the shops. Is a pain (is it so we HAVE to walk past some “shops”?)


Came here exactly for that. I run the game on a Samsung Evo NVME, i7 9700k and a 2080ti, and I get:

  • 2-3 minutes before getting in game, where you press the space bar to connect
  • Connecting and loading the character screen is another 2-3 minutes
  • Loading the hub is another 2-3 minutes
  • Loading into an actual game is 4-5 minutes

At least 10 minutes to JUST START PLAYING. This is honestly the stupidest loading times I’ve ever seen in game for a while. There are no valid reason for this in 2022.

between game, you got to load the hub again and then the next game, which is around 6-7 minutes again.

And add on top of that that half of my games still crash and I have to load the game all over again everytime, it gets annoying real fast.


The Valkyrie loading screen before a mission also seems to be coordinated between the 4 player’s machines, so the slowest dictates how long it’s going to take, and boy, some people must really think hard disks are still the last word in storage. Either that, or it can just take 10 minutes for no reason. Either way, there’s a problem.


Please do not take this the wrong way but I would like to know if your using an HDD or an SSD.

SSD ofc :rofl:
Life is too short to be a gamer on a HDD

it is but im still running on one until my holiday purchases get here.

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While I do not spend 2min loading (whether on my “low-end rig” or “mid-high-end” one), all the loading screens together take quite some time. Especially if it happens several times in one “session”.

What bothers me the most is the loading-hell to switch operatives and load in the Psycanium just to test something!


It’s not really the individual time, but the additive time.

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It was so much smoother and faster in VT2, where we could switch char/class even right before the mission without any loading screen.
I hope they improve Darktide to a similar level once they have “settled” and taken care of the bugs.

Exactly. I know my PC is a little older but still a highly capable PC. I’d like to know why they don’t offer an option to bypass and go direct to join a server.

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Library and right click the game. Local file and Verify integrity maybe?
Might help.
Uninstall and update drivers then install the game fresh again maybe?
Restart your computer?

Have you tried turning it off and on again? lol

Gamepass. lol feel like i’m talking to Akbar in IT

To show off paid cosmetics. Forced third person only appears in the player hub, so that’s the main place you look at it. Also it’s the only reason you have random players running around with otherwise no interaction. They also removed the mission start and crafting hotkeys coming from vermintide 2 so you have to pass by the premium store and other players, and can’t just take care of it in place where you load in.