Hoping that reducing and streamlining loading screens is a priority for the next update

Because as it stands, some of the load screens (for me, I’m sure it varies for others) have taken almost 2 minutes to complete. That might not seem like a long time… if you were talking about the 90s. I’m not sure what aspects of connectivity are resulting in these long load times, but I’m guessing syncing with the servers.

I would also like to see the opening credits/ login screen get pared down a bit. I know you want to put yourselves out there and Games Workshop wants people to know this is a Warhammer game… but you kinda can’t miss it since it’s in the name of the game itself. Also after the fiftieth time, I think I get the idea. Is it possible to program it kind of like an achievement? After a certain number of times is reached, you get rewarded by getting a much abbreviated screen?

Also when the (currently) inevitable crash happens. Can there not be a mechanic that doesn’t force you to go through not only the complete login sequence, but the intro story to the stage you just crashed out of? Maybe even a kind different kind of loading sequence?

first person cut scene of the inside of a drop pod, clouds and anti-air fire flashing in the one small window while everything shakes and loud explosions sound

“‘Ey! We don’t know what happened, but you just randomly reappeared on the ship outta thin air! Now normally, we’d just shoot ya an’ jettison you outta the nearest airlock just to be safe, but you seem still in yer roight mind an’ all so we just tossed ya inta this ol’ drop pod and launched ya back down to the surface. IF you survive the drop, get back with your team and complete the mission; we’ll put ya through the proper tests if ya get back. An’ if not… well, that’s one less problem for me to deal with.”

…something like that, instead of just the same exact loading cut scene with people who didn’t crash with you sitting in the dropship.