Blightreaper sword pickup at end of mission triggers massive damage to team

Issue summary:
At the end of the Blightreaper level, after picking up the sword, our entire team lost 10-20 HP per couple of seconds until we all died outright. Every other round we’ve played it slowly drains, like your temp HP slowly drains but for all life instead. In this last match though it was dropping at massive rates, we were unable to make it to the exit and the sword killed us.

Steps to reproduce:
Unknown, it only happened once out of the 8 or so matches I’ve played.

Does it occur every time?

Additional information:
Everyone, even host had the issue. I stayed back by the entrance to bomb the massive horde than spawns, netting me lots of temp HP that was quickly erased after a couple of seconds.

Which difficulty you were playing on?

Did you have a grim or grims?

It seems that the booze bottles found in the map reduce the DoT effect. I have yet to confirm it myself, but this was stated by people in Reddit. So one secret (probably) solved.


If it is true, that’s a really interesting mechanic :smiley:
And it got me thinking about the switches on “The Pit” map…

Beer saves us against chaotic curses? And I always used that damn curse resistance property…


So, Bardin shouldnt take damage at all then :smile:


We’re looking to make adjustments to the curse the Blightreaper has on the crew. It’s not meant to kill players to start with, and it’s not really supposed to add challenge just some theater/drama.


My party drained insanely fast, in about 10 seconds and we were on 1hp. It didn’t kill us though? We just stayed on 1hp.

Must be working inconsistently. One time we did it and two party memmers at 50% HP went down in a matter of seconds. Could not revive as myself and another party member were running for our lives. Close to the bridge other party member went down and I revived her and then promptly went down myself.

A thought occurred to me: If its purpose is really to just be dramatic, it could convert the characters’ permanent health into temporary. That is, drain the permanent health at its current pace, but leave same amount of temporary health that drains normally.


You need to either

  1. Remove the curse damage over time completely or
  2. Make the damage over time stop damaging you once you are inside the bridge

Because I just had a troll teammate decide he was going to stand outside the bridge and let the curse wipe the whole team. So I won’t be playing Blightreaper anymore until that changes.

Whatever “adjustment” you make needs to solve the problem of one jerk wiping the whole party by refusing to enter the bridge.


hor just stop at 1 hp, so it cant kill ypu

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Or if that player is in line of sight your team downs them from ranged.

If not in line of sight you kick them.

So is there any confirmation? Just now we have searched for almost every possible corner and found a lot of booze. Still barely made it throug. I as Slayer picked up a blightreaper and team was waiting near exit door ready to escape. I jumped with move speed talent making push attacks with axes to move faster. Mage and Saltz still fall down two steps away from portal.

yeah obviously you could try but there really isn’t enough time to kick a dude once you realize what he’s doing. you only have a few seconds to react before you all die.

As I remember you cant kick player out of almost done mission.

I seem to remember that being a change made some time ago… But I was kicked from a game after I clutched the game half way through Into The Nest then carried much of the rest of the map just to be kicked as I entered the bridge of shadows for no apparent reason. I shrugged and moved on, but didn’t think that sort of thing was supposed to be possible.

It’s funny how many times I got kicked as the last dude alive right when I was finally able to go revive the whole team. (Probably revived 1 dude already but he didn’t make it!)

I think the idea is good, just make it work like the deed one.

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