Blightreaper - no respawn after death

Played a game just now on Blightreaper where around the location of the 2nd grim on the scaffolding near that hidden ladder that you crouch to we were attacked by chaos patrol and our host was pushed over the edge of the platforms and died by falling from the ledge due to a hit by cw. Afterwards he never respawned in the game and we finished the map with him dead.
Im glad this host was nice enough not to disband the team though.

EDIT: this wasnt a deed and there were no deeds played before. We played several maps with the same team and people died but respawned normally even on this map mentioned above.

Hi Toldotheg, thanks for the report. Sounds like you encountered the same issue as (Can´t respawn). We fixed this issue internally a while ago and it should be included in an upcoming patch.

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Thanks for the reply. My bad, i thought this was a new DLC map issue, since ive never encountered this on the original maps before and didnt look it up properly to see if such an issue was posted already.

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