Multiple players die together respawns are breaking

can this be fixed already. this bug has been around for a while and need fix. if 2 ppl die, it pushes the respawn to the next area for one person. also, ppl respawning are pulling boss and patrol triggers. its very annoying pls fix this


Its worse than that, people dont have to die at the same time for spawns to bug out.

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If you took some of the time spent being prickly and invested it in reading what i wrote you´d note that i pointed out that your bug report fails to accurately describe entirety of the problem.

That is being constructive in case you didnt take my meaning.

This has been going on since January, Broken Respawns - #5 by FatsharkLev

It’d really be nice to see some further acknowledgement that it is a known issue and that it is being worked on. Anyone who played the game prior to January knows that the respawn system isn’t working as expected in the current live branch of the game.

Like many people, I was hoping it would be included in Chaos Wastes or the new Elf career. It sucks that it’s still happening.

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Maybe its a feature and not a bug.

Lol, anyways FS u know the problem, its been acknowledged in the past. For the ppl that know whats going on, its annoying. For the ppl that dont, stay clueless.

Happens all the time on twitch, dwons, and occasionally happens on base game content since its kinda rare for people to die all at once. Regardless of how often it happens in base game though this stuff should be fixed for the betterment of all sides.

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Yep, it’s something we’re aware of, as we’re often fixing specific instances of this happening, but there may be a wider underlying issue. I’m making some noise internally about it, as it’s something that I believe deserves a deeper look at. Please keep the reports coming and I can keep providing good evidence to help with investigation :slight_smile:


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