Regarding the Broken Respawns

It’s evident that respawn points are, unfortunately, very broken at the moment.

This issue seems to be most prevalent in Skittergate, Festering Ground, and Fort Brachsenbrücke but may be observed in other maps too.

Unfortunately, I have been informed that this is unlikely to be resolved until August due to resource availability - the Swedes like to vacation in July, you see… I appreciate this is a disappointment - I’m equally saddened that we weren’t able to resolve this prior to the vacationing period.

From this point onward, please report any issues relating to broken respawn points here, in the comments.

Thank you for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the headsup but I’ll be honest here, that’s a huge letdown.


So, S4 basically?

AUGUST? At this point its a dead meme that keeps on giving.

For god sake.

I hear you all. I have a call with our producer tomorrow to explore any potential options to speed this up.


Please do. This is borderline game breaking.

The main problem is that our Release Manager is on vacation. Patching would likely mean having to bring her back to work, which would be unfortunate as she works so incredibly hard and deserves a break.

Another concern of ours is that patching now risks introducing new, potentially even worse issues.

Our Producer is working on seeing if anybody else is experienced and comfortable enough to wear the Release Manager crown for the day - I’ll keep you posted.


Just how many more single points of failure do you have? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you for keeping us posted!

Ladies and Gentlemen let me show you a simple fix:


don’t die in Vermintide until August!

your welcome :kissing_heart:


Found another respawn bug. This happened in Empire in Flames. The slayer died past this point of no return, and respawned behind it.
The point of no return is after the first tome, before the first grim.

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Our Release Manager has kindly returned, we’re working on building and QAing a new patch. :slight_smile:


Patch is live, shout at me if you spot any new problems.


Would you thank your release manager for us then? Coming in on her vacation, to fix a videogame… I salute the dedication, hope she’s properly compensated. Thanks, whoever you are!


I have passed your kind words on to her!


Welp, I guess there were some unintended changes to Skittergate geometry.


D’oh :woman_facepalming:


dying here tends to cause a respawn at the very final lift after the boss fight just before the very end of the level but at least this is easy to avoid

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